Easy Gift Wrap Station

I can't believe it's almost Christmas.

I've missed a lot of the magic this year, I'm sad to admit.

But, we are ready!  I just have a few more gifts to wrap today while kids are at school, and I'm still waiting for 2 more things to arrive, yikes, I hope they get here!

An annoyance I have with this time of the year is where to put the gift wrap and bows...

They usually end up in my office, which I struggle to keep clean as it is, without the extras of the season!

This year, because I can, I created a little spot for it all in the family room.

Of course this wouldn't work if you have little toddlers around, but that is no longer my phase!

I brought in my bench, this bench that I love, that I found on the side of the road...

... and what do you know it holds the rolls of paper perfectly, and provides a place to keep bows, tapes, ribbons, tags and scissors all out nicely, for easy accessible wrapping.

I'm sold!  Next year I'll take some time to make it look even better with a new container for the ribbons.

Do you have a system with your wrapping paper?

I like to wrap each child with a specific paper, all of which coordinate of course!

They know what to grab for Christmas morning... unless you don't tell dad what the plan is and he wraps in whatever he darn well pleases!!!

I guess it isn't a system unless it really works right?  It mostly works!