Christmas Home Tour... part 1 (2015)

I have loved decorating for Christmas.

I have a ton of stuff!  So much that, in the old house I would never be able to use it all.  Of course that never stopped me from buying :).

I am able to use all of my stuff!  It feels amazing!

There are so many different styles that I love, I just can't commit to one!

It has been so fantastic to decorate in a different style in each different room.  All of my needs and desires are met!  Merry Christmas to me!


This is a traditional room with traditional furniture.

I decorated with silver, gold, white and fresh pine garland.

We have a little brass nativity, that I got at a yard sale, of all places.  This is the one the kids can move around.  It it totally sturdy!


I decorated our front hall with white.  I've added 'natural' elements here.  I can't wait to switch out those sconces, but that is just not today's post!

Remember when I

dipped those pine cones


These are my Epsom Salt trees.  See how to make them



This tree trunk is a new addition and this is it's new home!  Love it.

These logs are from my

Christmas Tree Recycling

project.  I'll keep them out through January.

Between my office and the hall to the guest bathroom I have these hanging on the wall. 


is the wise men printable and I found the Santa



I have even hung up my Christmas wall quilt!  It has been years since I've had this out!

My bathrooms are even decorated!  I have a

thing for that

!  Do you decorate your bathrooms too?

Thanks for looking around!  It is fun to share our Christmas home!

I still want to share the family room, kitchen and upstairs! 

I love having the halls decked!