Doeth the Works of Righteousness

I have to admit that I've not been consistent at all with my prayer and study this summer.

I have felt off, for sure.

I've been reading in different books, that has been good, but they aren't the same as my scriptures.

For me, my spirituality is my center. 

When I'm off, it's easy to get lost in things that have little or no meaning.

I am bothered by things I have no control over, I get agitated and sometimes feel trapped.

I have certainly felt a little overwhelmed with all there was to do this past week, it will be nice to settle into a schedule again.  And, being home brings with it familiar pitfalls and struggles that sometimes weigh me down. 

I went to my scriptures last night, there I always find peace.

I'm not sure where to read and where to study, I'm frustrated that I've not been consistent with my study plan this year.  But, I just need to jump back in.  I really do want to complete the Doctrine and Covenants, as well as stay in the Book of Mormon a little each day.

I'm almost finished with my 365 prompts for this project.  I'll post them when I'm done.

I turned to D&C 59:23 and it was perfect for me...

But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.

Yep, there it is, if I want to feel peace in this world, doeth the works of righteousness.

It isn't enough to have faith... do.  Take action and do.

I know this, I just said this, when I am engaged in doing righteous things everything else is put into perspective.  I can see what really matters and what doesn't.  Negative feelings about myself or others seem to melt away.  I feel peace.

For me those things are studying the scriptures, having quiet meditative time, praying, giving service.

Certainly those aren't the only righteous things, but those are the things for me that keep me centered, that give me perspective, and bring me peace and joy.

What brings you peace and joy?  How do you battle the frustrations of life?

Here is an old scrapbook layout I did years ago.  I actually keep it hung in my room, my own little artful reminder of my constant circle of finding my center.  It is done on transparency, so it's clear...