Decorate the Winter Blues (or whites) Away!

I've said it before, it is hard for me to take Christmas stuff down!

And, what's harder is we take it down and then go into the lull of January and winter.

Instead of feeling all blue and mopey, I choose to leave some of it up and transition into 'winter decor'.

Is that really a thing?  It sure is in my house!

I'm not ready to decorate for Valentines Day after Christmas, that is insane!

But, I do want some sort of festivity for January.  Enter real winter decor!

Here is what I did on the main floor.  

Of course we are now at the end of January, so sorry about that, maybe you can pin ideas for next year?!

Winter in the Front Hall

 This was pretty much this way through Christmas.  I removed the silver trees from this corner and put them somewhere else.  Now it's just winter white.

Q was amazing and made all of these beautiful snowflakes for our tree.  Love them.

Here is where I moved my dipped pinecones.

This hasn't changed since Christmas, now that is some transitional decor, right?

Winter in the Family Room

Winter in the Kitchen

See how I made these Epsom salt trees here.

I actually appreciate winter.  I dare say I love it.  It can be a magical time, why not celebrate it?