5 Things I Appreciate About Treadmill Running

Yesterday I went outside for my run.  It was a gooood run.

It felt great to be outside, my legs felt good, my stride felt easy, my breathing rhythmic.

Everything was 'on'.  It was a good run.

I am so happy with my numbers, and more than that, that it didn't kill me to run them, this run had the ease that I like to feel.

These last few weeks I have been running inside on my treadmill.

The weather has been amazing this year, for where I live, and it is crazy that I could run outside for as long as I did!

The cold weather has arrived, and although I will go out and run in it, I also run on my treadmill.

People in general don't like treadmill running, which I get.  I much prefer to be outside as well.

But, as I ran yesterday, I was reminded that I appreciate treadmill running, in fact, I think it makes me better.

Here are 5 things I appreciate about treadmill running.

1- No Matter What, I Can Run

This first reason is obvious.  It's why we all like treadmills!

There are days that I can't get my run in until the kids are home, or at night, at which point I can't leave them.

There are days that it is just nasty outside, or suuuuper cold and I don't want to be out there!

I can get my run in, on my treadmill, when I can't get out.

2- Variety Is Good

When I first got on the treadmill a few weeks ago I was huffing and puffing!

I run with it at least at a 2 incline, and even running an 8 minute mile had me panting harder than normal.

I was a little surprised, to be honest!  I thought with the hills (-ish) I run and my speed being faster than an 8 average, I'd be sailing.  Not so!

Variety is good.  The more we can change up what we 'challenge' our bodies with, the stronger we become.

3- Hills and Speed

Since we've moved I do have a few more hills around me, but for hill training, I use my treadmill.

I am not a member of a gym.  I don't have an indoor place to do speed workouts.  Yes, I can do them up and down my street, but in the winter, I use my treadmill.

My treadmill keeps me honest!  I can still do these workouts, and they make me better.

4- Pace Control

I run by effort for the most part.  I check in to see what my pace is, but I run based on effort.

This can trap us at times.  We can slip into an easy effort with no knowledge that we can handle even more, that we aren't pushing hard enough.

The opposite is also true, sometimes we should ease up, and 'easy' isn't really easy.

With treadmill running, my effort is marked by an actual number!  The treadmills holds my effort and I just have to catch up, or slow down.

At the end of a speed workout I slow down, as my body gets tired, or my mind does I slow down.  And I'm thinking no more!  Make it stop!!!

On my treadmill there is no slowing until that number hits!  I gotta make it work!  I run full effort until the end of my goal, because if I don't I'll fall off!

The treadmill helps me stay at a nice easy pace when that is what I need.

I always fly out on my runs too fast.  Mr. Treadmill helps me, I set my pace and am forced to stay 'easy'!

5- Mental Exercise

Let's face it, the thought of running in place just sucks motivation sometimes.

When I am in that place I recall, that when I'm outside, I am often right in the zone I can go to on the treadmill.

I'm not looking around, enjoying my view, my eyes are locked and focused, I'm listening to my breathing and footsteps.

I tune out what is going on around me.  I go into my body, so my mind can be free!

When I feel like I'm challenged on the treadmill I practice my mental strengthening, doing tricks to help me get to the next mile, zoning out the distractions I put there for myself like the TV!  It is a way to practice overcoming my mind.

I was a little surprised by my run yesterday.

I have felt a bit discouraged by my lack of frequency, low mileage, as I train for Boston.

I have been nervous about being slower than I want, not hitting my personal goals.

I felt a ray of hope yesterday on my run, I thank my treadmill for that!

I feel some motivation and hope to jump in and maximize this next several weeks.