Deck the halls... or bathroom... canvas art

We are decked here at the McAfee house!  I'll take you on a photo tour in a few days. 

For today, I wondered if your holiday decor finds itself into your bathroom?

Before this year mine did not. Why? This year I thought about ALL of the time we spend in our bathrooms and you know what? They could use some holiday cheer! So I went for it, heaven knows I have enough decor that I've collected over the years to decorate a small village, so we can handle a bathroom!

I purchased an inexpensive shower curtain for starts. This green pattern is similar in color to what normally is in here, but this pattern is a little less specific than my leafy one. This is a good holiday shower curtain! I got this at Marshall's for all of $6.

I hung that bulb wreath from a couple of posts back. Of course added more bulbs, because they are full of color and fun!

Last I created this sparkle tree canvas because I wanted something larger in size for above the camode!

Here is our bathroom cheer...

Now, how about that great canvas?  Here is how I did it.

I started with a plain canvas, and taped off a triangle.  Find the center of your canvas first and tape from there.  I used a light tac tape, painters tape would work too.  I used regular scotch tape to tape off the lines in the center.

Next I grabbed my sponge brush and painted Mod Podge over the canvas.  Be sure to have your glitter ready and waiting prior to this part.  You want your glue to be wet so the glitter will stick.  Get out any clumps that may have found their way in.

Next add your glitter.  I suggest fine glitter because it's the bomb!  I used my finger and pushed the glitter around to make sure all of the small gaps were filled in.

After it dries shake off the excess glitter then remove your tape!  Yea, exciting!

Love it!  Doesn't it seem that no matter how well you have glued glitter there is always some that trickles and falls off?  I don't love this so I went ahead and put a layer of Mod Podge over the top too.  It stays on the edges well, careful not to go over the edge and glue glitter you don't want to be there later!

After that dries you can go on! I was just going to put glitter words on there, but Q actually had the great idea of putting these bells on there! Brilliant! I poked holes with my awl where I wanted the ornaments then tied them on with embroidery thread.

I painted some chipboard letters (thank you to the many scrapbooking supplies I have on hand, which I seldom use anymore!) and glued them on.  They were a little too plain for me so I swiped some glitter glue over them. 

There you have it!  What do you think?

Just the right cheer for my bathroom.  Love it!