Crazy Like Your Hair Right Now...

Saturday morning O snuggled us in bed while we were waking up.

I love those mornings.  He is so funny, he kept making jokes.

Little E came in and we had some Saturday morning wrestling, laughing family time.

I was getting ready to go running and O asked me: Mom, why do you like running so much?

My reply: It helps me not be so crazy (making crazy face to him).

He said to me:  ... crazy like your hair.. right now?

(This may be the craziest hair photo I have!)

It caught me so off guard.  Matt burst into laughter, I couldn't help it, I did too, and agreed, yes, maybe like my hair right now!

I just did 5 miles, but I went outside.

It really does help relieve a little crazy for me! 

It was snowing, but felt like spring at 20 degrees!

It has been in the below zeros for a while, getting down to minus 20.

I took full advantage and got some cold, fresh air.

This week I'm getting into the training zone for a spring marathon.

On Tuesday and Thursday I intend to get up early and run so I can still get over to the JCC to swim then lift while E is at school.  I got my new goggles and lap counter, excited to use them!

I know I said this last year, but didn't really do it, but since I'm feeling on the heavy end I really want to pay more attention to how I'm fueling my body... not just while I'm running, but mostly when I'm not!

I learned some good lessons last season with fueling my body during a race.  I'll continue to try new things, learn what works best for me and race, race, race!

Here are a couple of randoms for you...

- I was falling to sleep last night, late, because I had one too many Diet Coke's during the Super Bowl, and as I was drifting off/waiting for my mind to stop racing, I sneezed.

That's odd right?  Do we sneeze while we're sleeping?  I don't think we do.  So, then I started thinking about that, what is the difference?  Is it the intensity rate at which the air is going in and out of our noses?  Whatever made me sneeze, if it was some element, would still be in my room...

These are the things that put me to sleep!!!  Oh, if you could sneek into my head for only a few minutes I'm sure you would come out dizzy!!!

- Next, today I got to go downtown with O's K class to see a little production.  Totally got lost, loved that!  Then, as I hurried to get inside so I could help the kids get seated I slipped on a big ol' patch of ice...

Totally spread eagle, slid into home, fell on my face/belly/front!!!  Splat! 

It was CRA.ZAE!!!  I have slipped on the ice, but full on splatter on a public sidewalk... this may have been a first!

Oh, ya, I'm full of grace!

I hurried and brushed all the snow off... my whole front side, then continued to run...

You'd think I'd walk, but sometimes I'm overconfident in my abilities!!!

I didn't slip again.

I loved being there with my little man!  We snuggled and laughed at the show together. 

After I apologized for being late, I sat down, then noticed that my hands were still hurting...

This would be why...

A good slice on my ring finger, the palm of my hand, then these two beauties near my wrists.

I have a good bruise starting on my knee and it has started swelling a little!  It hurts!

- I was able to go to lunch with M.  He bagged a meeting to lunch with me!  I'm so very glad he did! 

I told him that it's ok that I don't see him at night if I can at least see him during the day!

I'm never down town and I hardly see this man during the week!  I'm glad he chose me over his busy schedule. 

We ladies know how far that little gesture will go, right?  FAR!!! 

Too much of not seeing him also makes me a little crazy!

If you can, always choose your wife over work!