Coaster Halloween Craft, And More Decor

Did you have a great Halloween?

We did.  It was raining, but like I told the kids last night... at least it wasn't snowing, because that has happened before!

How about one last Halloween craft?  I know it's over and done, but the idea is totally transferable!  You could make this with any cute coasters you find in the dollar spot!  I'm sure there are Thanksgiving one's there now!

Don't you love the dollar spot at Target?  I found these cute coasters there this year.  I bought these and some square ones, knowing I wouldn't use them for drinks.

I thought about just sticking them to the wall somewhere, artistically of course.  Nah, how about onto an empty canvas?

We really have those laying around our crafty house, so I grabbed one of them and started laying the circles on there.  Yep, that's my craft!  I decided to make some coaster art!

I began laying out my coaster's, deciding where to put them.

Next I cut the edges off the one's that were overhanging.  Sometimes I'd suggest glueing the item down first, then just turning over the canvas to cut the remaining edge off, but in this case I think you wouldn't get as clean of a cut.  I just marked the line, then made the cut.

I did that for most of the coasters.  Be careful if you are putting one on a corner.  You can't turn it over to cut the coaster.  It will fit on the opposite side of the canvas.  Mark and cut this one face up.

I just hot glued them onto a blank canvas.

What do you think?  Super easy.  Coaster art!  Thank you Target for making cute things I can just hang on my wall!

I put this on my gallery wall.

Here is the last of our Halloween décor. 

Our living room is less Halloween and more fall.  I like this room to stay pretty much the same through October and November, more fall-like.

Here are the little bits of Halloween in this fall décor.

Indeed that is a frame that still doesn't have a photo in it!  It's about a year old!!! :)

This is the top of our kitchen hutch.

And here is our front porch...

Does it bother you that the rug isn't centered... because it bothers me!

I got this banner a couple of years ago on clearance.  It is taking a beating out there today, it's so windy!  It may not last another year... good thing I bought 2!

 I need to find another pillow for this rocking chair.  I took off the summer one and it looks naked now!

There you have it!  In all it's glory... just about to change since Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way... and we'll do it all again!