Bring on the Big Miles - Boston Training

Saturday's are usually long run days...

This year has been all crazy-pants and I've done them on Monday's, Friday's, Saturday's... all sorts of variety here.

This past Saturday was a busy one.

Q had an eye apt and I had a photo shoot.

I needed to get my run done in the am, otherwise, it wouldn't get done.

We have had some brutally windy days here.  Saturday morning had more to give.  I wasn't taking.

Initially I was going to do 10 on the trml, then head outside.

I decided to just keep on plugging along.

You know what?  You don't realize just how much you sweat when you run outside.

All that evaporation you know...

Running inside, it all stays with you, the whole 19 miles!

And I sweat hard!

Really, I don't know how these people wear their workout clothes for the rest of the day.

I am stinky and oh so sweaty after I work hard, I want out of my clothes!!!

Getting out of my 19 mile treadmill running gear was fun :).  Sopping wet!  Actually, it was sort of gross!

I ran 19 at a 7.7 speed.

I didn't vary my incline at all, shame on me.  I figured 19 was good for this run.

I'll do 20 next week, and do it outside, which will feel a whole lot different/harder!

I haven't written much about running lately.

I need to set some goals for myself, figure out where I want this to fit for me this year.

For now, I am planning on Boston.

I still have time to get my butt in gear and speed up a bit, or at the very least, prep my body for a hilly course.

I have had a less than stellar start... running only 4 times a week, when I wanted to do more like 6.

Last week I did 5.  That is still better than 4 and I need to at least be doing that to improve.

I ran while on vacation, and lifted a little too.  I totally enjoyed it.  I think I need more variety in my life... and a running friend.

Here is what I will run this week:

Monday - 5

Tuesday - 10

Wednesday - 4

Thursday - 10

Friday - 6 or 7 tempo

Saturday - 20

I could do a lot better with strengthening.  I do stuff throughout the day, (curls, pushups, squats, situps) but never dedicate 20 minutes to any one s. activity.

I am doing better with my stretching too.

I just need to put the time in.  It will make me better.

How about you?  Do you enjoy strength training or mostly aerobic?