5 Easy Banners/Garlands - Valentine's Decor

How was Valentine's Day?

We headed out of town, to Washington DC.

It was so nice to get away.  I love being with my family, they make me so happy!

It ended up being colder than normal there, but still, it was warmer than here in Buffalo.

I'll share our trip soon.

And, really I will!  I intend to 'invest' more into my blog here!

I have a million things to share, my lack of posting certainly isn't lack of things to share, it's lack of time.

I want to go back and share my Valentine decor, because I created some fun stuff that can be done for next year, or duplicated in different colors for other holidays/events.

Plus this is totally staying up for the rest of the month, and then some!

Here are 5 easy banners I created to use as V-day decor.


Do you have a stash of paper straws?  I do, just looking at them makes me happy.

I'll be honest, I don't really like drinking from them.  I much prefer plastic straws.  BUT, they are just so darned cute, I can't help but buy them!

I just need to find new uses for these right?  This garland does just that!

I cut some straws into random size pieces, got my needle, embroidery floss, and white poofs (like these from Michaels), and threaded a bunch on.

How easy is that?  Think of the possibilities, the parties, the straws, all the different ways you could do this!!!  EEEk!


The paper hearts are obvious and easy.

I chose 3 12x12 papers, gold, seafoam and pink.  I cut out 4 identical squares, folded my paper in half, and cut my heart!

I punched 2 holes in each heart and strung them with white yarn.

Here they are both together at my mantle.  Love it!


I bought these flags on clearance, but they would be so easy to make.

Black paper and a white chalk marker, wood flags painted with chalkboard paint.

I just wrote 'be mine' on there and hung it up.  We'll see if I use it for something else or if this is how it stays.


We know I like to bargain hunt.

These last two ideas are using items I grabbed on Christmas clearance.

A couple of years ago I bought a ton of these felt balls.  They were .33 a package = awesome!

I wasn't sure what I'd do with them at the time, maybe I'd use them for Christmas, maybe make a necklace out of them :).

Last year I strung some to make a garland and this year I finished them all off, creating several garlands for Valentine's.

You can see them above used in the front hall, as well as in my kitchen.

I just cut the plastic line from each one and used a needle to thread embroidery floss through the top of each one.

I'm sure to leave plenty of floss for myself, in case I need extra room either at the ends or between each ball.


I have moved my red and pink bead garland into my Valentine bin.  I don't use them for Christmas anymore.

They are quick and easy to drape and hang.

I watch each year to see if there are any more colors I want to add to my collection!  Green for March, purple for birthday parties...

After Christmas is a great time to buy many things!

There you have it, 5 easy garlands/banners for Valentine's decor.

It's not too late to put something up, or, pin this for next year...