10 Things - Halloween

1 - Large Halloween Printables

I recently shared our Halloween decor.  I created some larger Halloween prints several years ago, that I have framed in inexpensive poster frames.  I leave them in the frames and bring them out each year at Halloween.  This year, one of them is hanging in my kitchen.  You can download these here.


2 - Halloween Milk Bottles

I have this wire cup hanger in my kitchen.  I found these cute Halloween milk bottles at Michaels and bought one for each of the kids to use this month.  They look so cute filled with milk, or pop tinted with syrup.  And, they look so cute just hanging out on the wall.  Love!

old fashioned cup hanger
halloween milk bottles
halloween milk bottles

3 - mason jar lid pumpkin

How cute is this pumpkin made from mason jar lids?  I found it at Refresh Living.  I love how Jenny from covered them with washi tape before making the pumpkin.  I may need to make on of these!


4 - Printable Water Bottle Labels

I made these water bottle labels for my kids' classroom parties.  Just print them onto cardstock, cut them apart and tape them around mini, or regular sized water bottles.  Cute, easy and festive!  Download them here.

free printable halloween water bottle labels


5- Dishes

You may not know this about me, but I have a thing for dishes.  Seriously, love me all sorts of dishes!  I have halted on the buying, but I have a pretty good collection.  I love to pull out my Halloween cups and bowls.  I pair them with my black and white plates.  My favorite are those little spider tumblers.

halloween dishes spider cups


6- Tin Man

I didn't share this last year, so I will this year.  Last year I decided I wanted to dress up to go into the school, of course, at the last minute.  Fortunately I am creative!  I had so much fun throwing this together the morning I went into the school!!!

I guess depending on who you are, this may not be a quick fix for you.  I happen to have a silver clothing in my wardrobe, so this was quick and easy for me!  I love my silver skirt, it's the bomb!  See how I have worn it for real here.  For the tin man costume I put it with my silver front sweatshirt.  

I took my slipper type boots, which were old, and covered them with duct tape.  I don't recommend doing this with shoes you care deeply about!  You could wear this with silver shoes, I chose boots because it was cold outside and I wanted coverage!  More than anything they stunk!  The duct tape smell burned my nose!  I had to throw them out after.

I went out to the garage, where we have funnels.  I grabbed one and spray painted it silver, punched 2 holes on opposite sides of it (with my crop-o-dile), then tied elastic through each hole to create a quick hat.

I was riding a creative high when I went to the school!  Don't you miss the Halloweens from childhood, where you had to create your costume?  It was so much fun putting that together.

7 - Bugs and Kisses Printable

How cute is this idea and printable from The Cofran Home?  Love it!

8 - Halloween Hall

This year it is back... the Halloween Hall!  This started waay back in 2010 when Q first made some of her own Halloween artwork.  She and G created a whole village that went down our staircase.  Each year it has grown, and I've never thrown any of it away.  The kids put it up and take it down and add to it every year.

We didn't put it up last year, but this year, while listening to conference, they all worked together making new elements for it and put it all up.

Our staircase is much bigger than it was at Chasewood!  There is much room for growth.  I love when they all work together for the same thing.

9 - The Birds

I love, love, love this Halloween birdcage from Uncommon Designs.  I totally want to make one!

10- Halloween Hair Bows, You Can Make

I love these cute little clips and bows.  I miss having a little girl to make hair things for.  They are all easy to do, I show you how in this post.

diy halloween hair clips