Favorite Summer Jumper

Hi friends!  Is it still summer where you are?  It is here.  As excited as I am for fall I am happy to cling to this warm weather we are still having.  

This cute jumper has been my favorite one this summer.  I love it!  The full, wide legs make it look sort of like a dress.  Ah, but it's not a dress.... for those of you who may not think dresses are for you! :) 

Either way, dress or jumper, I love the pattern and fit of it.  Money well spent!  It got worn a few times and I'll probably wear it again next year.

full leg summer jumper

I love it so much, it may make it's way into my fall wardrobe, paired with a cute cardi or denim jacket.  We'll see.  I often am just done with summer clothes when fall hits!  I'm ready for new stuff!

Here are some cute floral jumpers to shop.  I got this one at TJMaxx a few months ago.