Purple Tulle Skirt

Happy dance, happy dance!!

My sister hasn't been here to visit for a very long time!  She comes tomorrow!  I can't wait!  

Not gonna lie, this is a good few months stretch, got to see Molly, get to see my sister, then next month get to see her and my mom and my brothers, then I get to see them all soon after that!  It is good, so good! 

I wish it were spring here!  I do have a bit of the fever for it, but alas, it is only March!  Reality, in the form of snow has reminded me that we have a long way to go before spring really arrives here.

I see bloggers wearing spring colors, and even shorts in some places and it just feels like a whole different world!

Here is today's look...

tulle skirt purple

I got this skirt from Sammy Dress a couple of years ago.  Ideally it would be a little fuller and lined a little thicker, but I do enjoy it, and it was not expensive at all!  Tulle is fabulous!

I paired it with a sweet little sweater from Khol's (old) and my new clearance pumps from Old Navy.

I made that cuff.  It is very easy to do!  Here is link to that blog post: How to make a ruffle cuff.

All of these items are older, but if you like this look here are some options to create a similar look...