Rust Sweater, Animal Scarf

How do you choose what to wear? 
Is it determined by your mood, what color you feel like wearing, maybe a new item you want to wear?  What you have going on that day?
All of these are what go into me choosing what to wear each day.
Sometimes, though, I pick one item and try to create a new outfit with it.
That is what I did today with this rust colored sweater.
I bought this sweater last year and I wore it once or twice.
I got it out again, and went for my scarf next.  This is a newer purchase.
I built from there... jeans?  No I've done that before.  How about a little dress?
Built from there to choose leggings, because it's cold, then comfy sweater boots to keep it casual.
I was warm and comfy, and stylish all day!

dress: Ruche
sweater: Marshalls
leggings: Target
boots: Old Navy
scarf: Burlington