Plaid Mustard and Boobie Prison

Are we sensing that I love mustard?  That would be totally correct.
My kitchen was all mustard and a few months ago I wanted to paint it, but couldn't let go of that color, so now I have mustard stripes! 
Sorry, that was random... but don't you LOVE it?
Tis fall, thus the plaid.  I only own 2 plaid shirts.  How about you any plaid?  I feel like I could add just a couple more plaid items to my collection.
Do you watch New Girl?  I recently started watching via Netflix and am on season 2 now!
Love that show!  When Jessica Day lost her job as a teacher she sat around in her jammies all day and glorified the fact that she didn't have to put her boobs into (bra) prison everyday!  I laughed... hilarious... boobie prison!
You know the great thing about being small breasted?  If I don't want to be imprisoned every day... I don't have to!  I just put on my camisole-like underwear so nothing flops around... because I have had 4 kids you know... and I'm set for the day!
This would be one of those days... I know... you can't tell the difference!
Hallelujah for little ladies!!
Happy Saturday!

top: lucky
sweater: old
jeans: downeast basics
shoes: old navy