Pastels for Winter

Fall has been amazing here in the Buff!
We've had plenty of warm days, days I've been able to get out in the sunshine and run, or cycle.
It's now turning... which I am ok with, it is November!
This morning was cold and frosty!
Fall is a time to wear warm, rich colors and now as we shift into winter, pastels can re-enter the wardrobe.
Fall is warm.
Winter is cool.
Cool lends itself perfectly to pastels.
For me, peach and pink are great winter pastels.
I love peach with olive green and I love pink with brown. 
A pastel with a winter color = good combo!
I think as long as you go softer, more muted than you would in the spring, pastels work.
Here are some color combos for your pastel inspiration... via design seeds.  Yuum right?  I love these winter photos, they make me feel all cozy!

Here is my winter pastel look.
I went with peach.  I have these pants that have just a hint of gold glitter in them.
I kept both top and bottom the same color... unusual for me!
I love this lacy top, I definitely needed a jacket to keep me warm!
I sported some animal print shoes, but you could sass this up with heels for an evening look.

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