I was inspired by the Fur and Wool Link up here at The Fashion Canvas.
Of course I didn't wear this in time to get it up for that link up, but still, I took some inspiration and went with it.
I bought this fur-ish jacket last year.
It reminds me more of like buffalo or wet dog hair, but I like it still!
This is what I started with and built from there...
I layered a lace tee under, for warmth, then added this tank dress.
I love the matte of the fur against the shine of the dress, contrast!
I'll admit I felt a little like a Viking wearing this, it's not so delicate, but sometimes you just gotta get back to your roots right?!
Some of my most very favorite shoes... Chinese Laundry.
Please don't look at my toes!  I finally repainted them!

I made the two necklaces, love to layer pearls.  You can find one of them here.
See, dog hair right?

I French twisted the front of my hair into a low pony, then split it into two pieces and knotted it over and again.  I put a pony holder in the end then pinned it all up.

 dress: old navy
jacket: anne klein
lace tee: marshalls
shoes: Chinese laundry