What is Black, White... and Leather...?

That would be me I guess!
Not too long ago my man and I celebrated 16 years of marriage.  I've yet to blog about it... mostly because like all things I get this great idea that takes 20 hours to put together instead of just writing about it!
Anyway... because he knows me well he got me a gift card to Marshalls... because I love that store!
I promptly went shopping!
At the end of my hunting I looked in my cart and everything was black and white... except my new workout wear, but that's to be expected.
This is crazy for me because I seldom wear black.  I love color!
Still, I went for it.
Here is what I added to my closet...

Oh no you didn't... oh yes I did!  Leather leggings... in the front, because my butt doesn't look good enough to don leather!  The back is regular spandex, hides more!
Leather is a must this fall.  So are classic prints.  I love this hounds tooth print top, can't wait to wear it!  I thought that little triangle guy was fabulous... I plan to wear it with the leather or some bold colored pants.

Do you love this jacket?  Oh my... love!  Leather AND black and white!

I have too many boots for one person, but I don't have a combat style boot.  Thank you Marshalls... these will do!

Keep watching to see how I wear these!
Do you buy things specifically to go with items already in your closet or do you just buy what you like and figure it out later?  I do a little bit of both.