Rain Boots

Oh we've had some rain here!
That is just fine!  Bring it on, I'll just bust out my rain boots!
Kidding, really I go crazy not seeing the sun for so many days...
There are so many stylish galoshes out there right?  I bought these last year at a random store called The Christmas Tree Shoppe of all places.  I think I paid $10 for them!  Oh yea!
I was watching Project Runway the other night and one of the judges said 'clavicles are the new cleavage'.  What?  I don't have cleavage, but I have great clavicles!  This shirt shows them off nicely!  Sometimes no necklaces are good.  Take that world!

top: old navy
hoodie: ann taylor loft
jeans: marshalls
boots: Christmas tree shoppe