The Big Green Scarf and New Boots

This scarf keeps me so warm!  I got it a couple of years ago.  I tried Sammy Dress for the first time, and had some reservations, so I wanted to purchase something that was 'safe'!  I have been very happy with my scarf!

Over Christmas break I purchased a few pairs of shoes from New Chic.  They are inexpensive and again, I wondered about them.  Two of the three pair I am totally happy with, these are one of those pair.  One pair look totally cute, but smell awful!  I have left them out in my garage for weeks, hoping the smell would leave!  I may have to throw them out!  They smell like a factory!

Anyway, notice the asymetry in both my sweater and my scarf, will you, because I did that on purpose!

Have a happy Tuesday!

SWEATER: Marshalls // SCARF: Sammy Dress no longer available (option and option) // JEANS: Marshalls // BOOTS: New Chic