The Abs Equation - It's Not a Palindrome

I was about to start a class many weeks ago, at Level Red Boxing, and I stopped at the bag of a gal that has been boxing for a while. I made a comment about her choosing to be in the back. Her comment back to me surprised me.

She said, ‘No, I don’t belong up there with all of the ‘6 pack’ girls.’

What? That was my response? What??? Um, yes you DO!

fitness six pack

So, I want to write about this. I want to address this! I want to remind you!

Do you know what a palindrome is? Bonus points for you if you do! I had to look up the word!

It is when a word is spelled the same forward and backwards. Like radar, or racecar. Likewise it’s when a number or word problem is the same forward and backward, or an equation…

I thought of that when I think about this whole 6 pack deal!

The equation for athletics and the 6 pack is anything but a palindrome!!! It’s not reversible. It’s not the same forward and backwards.

boxing fitness

It is pretty safe to say that someone with a visible 6 pack is fit! The odds are slim to none, that they were born that way. Just like every other muscle those have to be worked and built and there is the added element of eliminating the stomach fat so you can see them!!! Yes, it is safe to say that someone with a 6 pack is in shape or fit.

This equation does not work the other way!!!

boxing six pack

You cannot say that someone is not fit if you can’t see their stomach muscles! You just can’t! It’s not a true statement.

Nowhere in the rule book does it say you have to see stomach muscles to be a strong, successful, even elite athlete! It is not a requirement to have a perfectly sculpted physic to be a bada**!

Never, never, never limit yourself by what your body looks like!!!

You move and you work and you keep expanding on what your body can do!

abs six pack

Just this year I have chosen to focus in on building strength. I have worked specifically on my abs, as well as other things. I have been successful!

BUT, was I any less of an athlete running all those races, the Boston marathon, racing those triathlons, dancing on stage, lifting weights, hiking mountains, swimming across lakes??? HECK NO!!! I have been ‘fit’ for a long time, and hope to be for the rest of my life, whether you can see my abs or not.

So, go stand at the front of the class! Take your place and be sure of you! Work for what you want, but don’t put limits on your strength, endurance or effort because of how you look, or don’t look. Go be amazing!

*** Just a side note*** I have to say that, even if you aren’t looking to ‘see’ all of your muscles, building strength will benefit you as an athlete and healthy person. Whether you are a casual one that works out a little, or one that strives to achieve some great things.

I am an advocate of strength training. There are so many benefits, especially as we age and our muscles naturally deteriorate. That is a whole other post, but I wanted to state that, just so there is no confusion. I do support it, but don’t think we are defined by it, for good or bad.