Welcome Ruby!

I love this couple.  I was fortunate enough to photograph their wedding and I am so excited for them to be on the journey of parenthood.

I was honored to be the one to capture this sweet little girl and some of her first tiny moments with her parents.  She is precious. 

She is this beautiful blend of both her parents.  Her dark, full head of Filipino hair, was a first for me!  Literally got my pinky's caught in it as I put her little hair bands in!!!  She has dark hair, but she is not hairy, or fuzzy!  (My little E was so hairy!)  Her skin is fair, smooth and beautiful.  She gets that from her mom.  Seriously, a beautiful baby!

I love to capture these moments with dad.  Holding their bitty little one's in the palms of their hands.  They grow so fast, they don't fit for very long.

Just having a baby, then getting in front of a camera is intimidating.  How do we get around that?  Well, just have a new mom lay down for a minute and they can sleep while I take pictures!! :)  Momma pictures are snuggle pictures.  So beautiful to see baby just fit so perfectly with momma, heart to heart.

And now just pictures of this little lady on her own...

She was so good for her shoot!  I loved visiting with mom and dad, and especially my snuggle time with little Ruby during and after the shoot.  Oh how I love babies!


newborn photo shoot