Newfane Senior Shoot - In Clarence

Part of the reason behind me changing my blog platform was for ease and consolidation between all of the things I do.

I have really been challenged trying to keep record of my photo shoots.  I don't really have a place for people to go to see all of my work!

I was looking for an easier way to blog my shoots, to keep a portfolio and gallery for clients to see, and for me to look back on.

This is my answer and I'm so happy!  I love that I can just put my images in a slideshow here and it's done!  No putting them into blog boards, no resizing and fuss.  

Easy and efficient really should be the answer to my prior problem.

I will be posting past shoots to get myself somewhat current!  So, watch out, there will be much to see!

Since we have a month left of summer I thought I would post a senior shoot from last year.  These next couple of months is when I normally photograph them.

I do love photographing seniors.  It is so fun to visually capture things that form who they are at this time in life.  It changes so drastically, and so fast as we get older.  It really is smart to time capsule this period of life.

This handsome young man is involved in so many sports.  He is/was talented, a bit shy, and the apple of his momma's eye!