She Is A Senior. I Must Be Aging!

If I had to choose something to work on, as a photographer, it would be to control my trigger finger!  I take far too many photos.  Always!  I just can't seem to stop myself though, especially with subjects like this cute gal Cort.

I have known her for years from Center Stage Dance Studio.  I got to choreograph a solo for her several years ago.  I have watched her grow up, from a distance of course!  She has always been talented, but WOW, these past few years she has blossomed.  She is an amazing dancer.  Her body is a beautiful machine that expresses so seamlessly.

She is now a senior.  A senior.  How does that happen?  These people keep growing up around me and I know that is supposed to make me older, but I feel just the same!  I can't believe she is a senior.

I was so very happy to spend time photographing her.  She is beautiful.

Enjoy some of the many many photos I took of her! :)

This last shot should be blown up really big and plastered on a wall!  Look at her calves!  I need to just take her out for a dance shoot.  We didn't have enough time to play.

I hope this senior year is amazing Cort!

Remember this shoot... pin it!