Wineglass Marathon Race Recap... new PR for me!

Alright, let's talk about this marathon shall we?  

Prepare yourself, this will be a lengthy post!

I am almost two weeks out, and still haven't written it down.  

Of course I am on to the next thing and have hardly relished these moments!

But, oh they are good moments!  I'd love to do it all again!

I went into this race feeling cautiously confident.  Of course the taper always leaves room for doubt, but I held strong to my last long run

I am so proud of myself!  Not just that I hit my time goal, although it is a byproduct of my efforts, but more proud that I was strong this whole race!  My mind was clear and I was strong!  

Here are the quick stats for the 2014 Wineglass Marathon:

My finish time was 3:27:39.  That is an average pace of 7:56.  Boooyah!

This is a large race!  See the 227 ladies in my age group?

I pretty much figured I'd not finish in the top of my age group.  This is just my third race in this distance.  I have some work to do to be a top finisher.  However, I almost got into the top 10!  12 out of 227 is a great place!

Here are my numbers from my Garmin.  I started my watch, found the signal, too soon before the race, didn't want to not have that signal!  So, these miles are off by 1.

Here is the course map:  The elevation drops, but the only downhill I felt was after the uphills!  It really just felt like a flat course.

Overall this is a big, well organized race, with great offerings to it's runners.

Many of the people I'd talked to hadn't run it, but had heard it was a beautiful course.  True.  I'd totally run it again.

Things I loved about this race:

 - Finding Heather from Canada!  She was my buddy from the bus ride until the start!  I was so happy to have someone to fret with, someone to shiver with, wait in line with.

- The view.  Sometimes when we are focused we look straight ahead!  We forget to take it in.  This course is BEAUtiful!  The leaves were coloful, it was more rural.  I kept finding myself coming out of my zone to just take it all in.  What a beautiful world!

- Plenty of fuel!  There were 3 gu stations.  3!!!

- Good support and cheering zones.  

- I ran the. whole. race. without feeling my tummy!  Serious.  No need to pee, poo, no gurgling, no hunger... nothing.  It was perfect!  Not once were my thoughts drawn to, anything GI.

- Having my man there to cheer me on!  This is the first marathon I've ran with him cheering me on and waiting at the finish!

- Race bag to put my sweats in.  They also provided clothing drops.  These were spots along the course to drop clothing.  If you dropped here they would collect them all and have them at the end of the course.  How nice is that?

- I felt like I was on a mini grocery shopping trip at race end!  Seriously they gave you a grocery bag and you went through and filled it up.  The grocery store Wegmans provided apples, bananas, bagels, pop, hot soup, pizza, chocolate milk, water.  Awesome!  I fed myself and my family!  Thanks so much!

Things I didn't love:

- Crazy busy parking for the expo and packet pickup.  AND trying to fit hundreds of racers, and their families in a room full of glass!!!  I wonder how many things were broken that day.

- Waking up to frost on the windshield!  Not the fault of the race, but that gave me some anxiety!

- That I chose to put my bib on my fleece instead of my tank.  I went ahead and repinned it on the run, yep, still kept a 7:30 pace!  I have problems, I know!

Race Prep:

I had a good hearty sandwich for lunch, on the road.  For dinner I had chicken pot pie with salad.  I think we ate around 6 or 6:30.

Drank plenty!

I fell asleep around 9 or 9:30.  I was nice and tired from getting up early that morning.

I planned to get up at 6 to eat and be at the bus by 6:45.  (30 minute drive to Corning from where we stayed)

I got up around 5:30, body ready to go!  That was abnormal, but welcomed!  I was all cleaned out before we left the hotel!

I brought my own breakfast choices.  I went with oatmeal topped with peaches and a chocolate milk.

It took me about the whole drive to finish my oatmeal.  I hate eating before racing!

After the milk I had nothing to drink.  I was ready by mile 2!  (normally don't drink until 5)

So glad I brought my extra sweats to wear after the race.  I layered these on top of my thin fleece, which was over my tank and sleeves.  I put my pants on over my shorts w/ comp socks.

It was SO freaking cold!  In the 30's!  That threw me, I wasn't prepped for that, but it worked out fine, other than giving me unending butterflies!

PS... I HATE feeling cold!

My mental plan was to tackle 3 8 mile runs, then finish the last 2 strong.  That is how I broke it up in my head.



Saturday I did a dry run for myself, beginning with fuel, which actually started Friday night.  I didn't eat late.  I got up at 6 and ate a bagel and chocolate milk.  I went for a 2 mile run at 8 am, in the rain.  It felt pretty chilly (at 50 degrees), but I wasn't wearing my long socks.  I assured myself I'd be fine with shorts, comp socks and a tank.

We headed out in the afternoon, the whole fam.  Corning is a couple of hours from where we live, so the drive wasn't bad at all.  The fun thing about going away for a race is the little vacation it creates!  The kids love to stay in the hotel and swim!

G kept us entertained for much of the drive taking crazy morphed pix with his tablet.  They were hilarious!

It was a beautiful drive!  Really, NY has rolling hills and farmland.  Did you know that!?

The color was amazing!  Back at home is was dark and gloomy.  Corning was nice and sunny.  The weather said it wouldn't rain race day, but I thought it may rain Saturday.  No rain though!

We went straight to packet pick up and the expo.  This year they were held at the Corning Museum of Glass.  It was their first year having the expo here and you could tell!  Parking was a mess, no one seemed to have direction or info!  We picked our own spot and went in.

Again, it was so crowded, and there was glass everywhere!  Literally felt like running of the bulls in a china shop!

I got my bib, which had my time chip in it, loved that.  No muss, no fuss.

Got my shirt, which I also love.  Neon, long sleeved ladies shirt!  The fabric rocks.  It is a great shirt.  Sorry, didn't photo it.

They gave us a wine glass and some champagne.  That was nice of them, but I don't drink alcohol, so it was totally lost on me.  I gave that to my friend Paula!

I didn't go into the expo at all!  I don't normally hang out at the expo, not my thing, plus I usually have my fam with me and there are other things we'd rather do.... like...

Going through the CMOG.

The great thing about having the race hullabloo here is that we could go through the museum!

They gave us a discount and we did partake!

This has actually been on our list of things to do for a while.

They have cool demos on blowing glass and breaking glass.  There are also beautiful displays as well as educational things.

We really liked it!  I was tired at the end, ready to be off my feet the day before a race but, it was totally cool!

We left Corning and drove to our hotel, which was about 30 minutes away.

As we arrived we saw other runners, note to future runners: if you plan to race this, and want to be close = book accomodations early!

Our hotel was great and it really didn't feel too far away so we were good.

We let the kids play around for a bit.  We looked at the pool, played computer, made a plan for the morning etc.

We went to dinner next door.  It was tasty!

The temp had started to drop and as we walked next door and back I froze to the core!

M asked me how 20 degrees colder would feel in the morning.

This really got me anxious!  It was cold and I didn't feel prepared for winter running!

The good thing was it would be to the 50's by the time the race ended!  I just had to get through the beginning part, which would be the coldest part.

But, then the stress of what to wear, do I layer and drop clothes?  I want to keep my stuff, I didn't bring 'drop' clothes!  Grrrrrr!  Butterflies took flight!

Then, we went swimming.  My kids are such troopers!  I'm not sure how they feel about being on the course and cheering me on, but I've said it before, that I love having them there!  If I can give back to them with a few hours of pool time, done!

I thought it would be great to sit in the hot tub at least.  Nope, nothing for me.  I could not get warm!

M went ahead and swam and I took video and photos!

Bed time.


The morning went smooth.  We got out the door on time and I ate on the way.

Drop off was super easy.  I crossed the street and stood in the line for the full marathon start.

I met 3 ladies here and we jabbered and chattered our teeth until we got on a bus!

Heather and I decided to be buddies and chatted with other runners and each other.  Wish I could connect with her.  Hate meeting fab people never to see them again!

We arrived at the race start and hit the potty's.  I really had to pee!  My bladder was FULL!  After that I totally felt good to go!  Usually I'm all nervous and want to try to go as many times as I can.  I felt confident with one and done!  Hooray!

We got me some safety pins and I decided to pin my bib to my fleece instead of my tank.  I was all concerned with 'bib showing at all times'.  Mistake!

The sun started to shine and although it wasn't 'warm', it did feel better!

Heather and I wished each other luck and went our different ways.

We started a little late, but not too bad.  We did line up according to our projected finish time.

Here are my #s again...

The first few miles flew by.  I felt relaxed and easy.  I tried to take it all in and enjoy.  I listened to conversations, enjoyed the small town of Bath and started warming up.

I drank at 2, already felt thirsty.  Tried running it, splashed my face, decided to stop and drink at my stops.

I started feeling warm by mile 3 and that is when I switched my bib, while running!  I about dropped a pin.  Glad I didn't.

M was unsure of being at the first cheer section (4).  I told him to not worry about it and plan for mile 9.  I wasn't sure if he'd be there still so I watched for him.  I hoped he was so I could drop my jacket.

There was a good hill around 5.  It wasn't very long, didn't feel hard, but I could feel it.

By 8 I remember thinking my legs were already feeling a little tired.

The thought crept in '... will I be able to finish, make my goal?'  I pushed that thought right out!  Only strong talk this race.  I will finish.  I can totally do this.  I feel good.  See the strong finish and just keep on putting one foot in front of the other!

I usually don't drink a ton on triaining runs and only have 1 gu.

They offered gu at 8 and I took it!  Figured I'd try to be smart and just replenish.  Good move.

I drank and fueled much more than I ever have in training and other races.  There were only a couple of stations I skipped.

I saw my cute family around mile 9.  I love them!  I finally dropped my jacket!  Look at that pretty view!

I stayed near this guy in black for most of the race.  I think he puttered out near the end somewhere.

After this I focused on mile 13 ish, where I'd see them again!  Then I'd just have 3 more until my second set of 8 was done!  Yea!

Here we are!  Half way there!

I don't even remember the second hill, but my time shows I felt the third one!  I also remember running past a girl and her very loud F-bomb as she swore at the hill!  She redeemed herself with loud glorious screams as she reached the top!  She shouted that she loved this, it was beautiful!  I agree!

I took another gu shortly after these photos here.

I put my headphones on around 16.  I didn't even have much thought of how tired I was.  I just kept thinking of finishing strong.

Of course the first 20 are the easy ones right? :)

Here I am around 19.  I ran off course to give high 5's to my love's.

I slowed a little after this.  I walked a little through the water station, got one last gu, tried to amp myself up.  Just as I got going again I saw the 3:25 pacer going past.  That is a 7:50 pace.  It gave me a little juice.  I hoped to stay with them for the rest of the race.

After a couple of miles they eeked out ahead of me and I couldn't keep up.  That's ok.  I still felt like I could do it.

I hit my 22 milestone.  I'd trained this.  After this my thoughts turned to finishing my last 8... mile 24!  I felt a surge of strength, realizing I was almost there... and I was doing it!!!!  I could totally hit my goal!  Yea!!!

The last few miles have been my challenge.  I've walked and run the finishing miles in both marathons.  Not this race.  There was NO stopping!

You see the slow at 24.  I did go slow through this water station.  I took a few seconds to stretch.  Wasted time!  It did nothing for me but slow me down!  I think I needed a break mentally.  I wish I'd just pushed through.  I don't know, maybe it was perfectly played so I could finish strong.  Fine either way!

It was all good talk from here!  I'd seen a guy, who was ahead of me for most of the race, stop to walk.  Nope, not for me.  This is what I'm talking about when I say this is what I was proud of for this race.  In previous marathons I see people walk and I think, yea, I'm tired... me too.  And I give up.  Not this race though.  I stayed focused on my race and maintained it the whole time.

I was tired, there is no doubt.  But I still had gas in the tank.  

I felt strong.

Compare this to my last marathon, where I feel like it was all I could do to get the blasted race over with!

Cute kids drinking hot chocolate waiting for me!

And I saw the finish line!

I was able to amp it up a bit for a strong finish.  My eyes searched for my family, then found them as I ran through!

Yahoooooooooo!!!!!  I did it!

Sock it to me!  Can you see my kids on the R by the fence?

  Thanks MarahonFoto and PacePerMile for the photos!

I drank 2 cups of Gatorade a chocolate milk and a water.

I got all of my goodies, my sweats and stretched for a minute.

M went to get the car and we headed home!

Done and done!

Love the glass medal. 

I'll hang it here... remember this project?

I got out of my sweaty clothes on the road!

We stopped at a mexican restaurant on the way home.  It was tasty!  I went ahead and wiped the salt from my head before we went in, but the rest of me still stunk!  

I stretched in the car and massaged my feet.  Love the compression socks BTW.

I took a nice hot shower and took a little nap when we got home.

I recovered quickly!  By Wednesday all soreness was gone.

Now whatever in the world will I do next!

Maybe I'll focus on those last 10 lbs!  I try not to be too critical, but I'm not loving those photos!