Using Artificial Flowers Outdoors

I am all about using artificial flowers outside, to decorate my front and side porch.  Today I'm showing you how they turned out this year. 

I've bought some flowers each year and am almost complete, unless I continue to repeat the use of my outside flowers inside, then I'll have to keep buying more!!!  Seriously, this year I was like, where are all of my flowers, I know I had more.  I had forgotten the new arrangements I made for inside, with those spring flowers.  Anyway, I'm about there!

Spring often comes late where I live.  It is still pretty cold into the spring months.  Thus, it's not realistic to fill my porches with live flowers in the spring.  To be perfectly honest, even if it was warm, I still may opt to go the route I have, it's just easier! 

Last year I did some landscaping (see the before and after here) and I presume that taking care of, and adding to that, will keep me busy enough this year, I don't want to have to maintain these flowers on my porches.  I just want them to be pretty!

I literally poked the stems into the dirt in these pots.  It was so easy.  They have already been through lots of rain and wind and are holding up just great!

I got most of these flowers at The Christmas Tree Shop.  They have good sized bunches for inexpensive prices.  I do like Joann's flowers, but they are a little more expensive, and a tad nicer, which is not what I'm aiming for outside.  I want them to look nice, but really, if I need to start over with them in a couple of years, due to wear and tear of being outside, I don't want it to break the bank.

I believe the lanterns are also from Christmas Tree Shop, they are old.  I did just get the door mat there this year.

I made those wreaths earlier this year.  You can view that post here.

Here is my front porch.  I feel good about the left side.  I may continue to rearrange the right side a little.  I would like to make a welcome sign too.  For now, this is how it looks and I'm happy!

spring front porch

There we have it!  I'm excited for all of my real flowers to bloom and grow, but until they do I'm sure glad for artificial flowers!