VTing Printables {May} General Conference

This month, as we visit our sisters to share messages (and visit), we get to pick from the General Conference edition of the Ensign!

This can be overwhelming sometimes.

To simplify I usually choose from the Women's Session of Conference.

It gives us a great opportunity/reminder to go back and read, and re-read what we heard.

This handout goes with the first talk 'Filling Our Homes with Light and Truth'.

In her talk Sister Esplin tells us of a visual she saw once, of a full, unopened pop can unable to bend in your hand, because it's nice and full.  Compare that to a can that is empty.  You can bend and crush it in your hands.  As we fill ourselves with gospel truth we can stand against the pressures that we inevitably face.

Give your sister a can of her favorite pop, with this thought around it.

Here is the thought on an 8.5x11 page.  Cut it in half and attach it with tape.

Here is the quote on it's own.  Print it and give it as is if you want.

This handout goes with the second talk given by Sister Stephens, 'The Family is of God'.

It is so important to remember that we all are part of a larger family.  We are all God's children.  We are needed.  Sometimes we forget that and we can stop our progress when we believe we don't matter much.

Print this quote onto a 4x4 (4x6) paper.

Here I filled a little gift box with treats and taped the quote to the front.

You could do that, or punch a hole in it to give with a treat.

Feel free to print from here.

These are meant for personal use.  Please do not sell or claim ownership for these printables.

Please follow my blog in some way and link back to me as you share.  

Happy visiting!