Visiting Teaching Printable - August

This months Visiting Teaching message is Nurturing Families Together

This past week I went to girls camp and spoke on friendship and it's potential as a source of happiness to us.

I believe that when we leave this earth our journey isn't over.  I believe in life after death.  I believe that I take with me, after I die, the knowledge I've acquired, the lessons I've learned, the progress I've made, the experiences I've had, and the relationships that I have developed here in this life.

Knowledge and relationships.

As I spoke to the girls about relationships and their potential as a source for happiness, this was a main point.  If this is one of the only things we get to take with us, shouldn't this be a main focus for us?

And above all other relationships, shouldn't the one we have, with the one person we made a lifelong (and for some of us eternal) promise with, be the one that gets the most attention?

As well, if we have made a choice to bring children into this world, shouldn't our efforts to provide good, healthy, loving, stable lasting relationships be of utmost importance among this family unit?

Although it isn't always happy and easy, although these relationships also have the greatest potential for pain and suffering, I believe one of the greatest sources for happiness, is investing in this, our families, first.

As I looked through and thought about this message I remembered a quote that I love, (posted here) that has spoken to me as we have faced family struggle.  

We have not failed until we have quit trying.

Peace and happiness take work, and effort, and as long as we keep trying we have power to overcome, change, improve and enjoy.

We all have the potential to improve upon whatever it is we don't like, relationships and family life are absolutely included in that!

I added some TRIdent with my handout, as a reminder to keep trying, keep improving.