Visiting Teaching Handout - April

It's April!  Yea!  For me that means we are closer to closing both on this house and our new house... let's hear it again... Yea!!!

Have you looked over the visiting teaching message for this month?

I so appreciated these words...

When I was in seminary, in high school, one of my teachers had said to me that I was 'without guile'.

I, of course was impressed by that, in particular, because no one else seemed to feel that way about me! :)  He was the first one that had mentioned seeing this in me.

I'm not sure I agree with his statement, at least at that point in my life. 

 Certainly all through my life I have tried to live with integrity.  It seems to be a character trait that runs through me. I'm not too fond of hypocrisy either and am always checking myself.  I want the things that I believe and the way I live to be in harmony with each other, to match each other... this is integrity.

Honest intent, pure motives... those however, have needed some work!

At this point in my life, twenty years later, I can see how I have changed and matured.

I am by no means perfect, will never claim to be...

But, I can say that my intent, although mistaken at times, is usually from an honest place, and normally a good, uplifting place.  My motives have also changed.  They are less about me and more outwardly directed.

I taught about the principle of progress just this past Sunday... it fits here as we grow and change and try to attain/adopt these attributes of Jesus Christ.

So, maybe, just for now, we focus here, on these... and inch closer in our progression.

I purchased 'Purell' to go along with this months quote.

'Pure motives, pure thoughts, pure intent'  it totally fits!

I just got these at the grocery store.

Tie them to this quote with some bakers twine and there you go...

Done and done!

Feel free to print this off individually or in multiples, to share!