More {love}

Ok, as promised here is some {love} from our home!

This year I actually have been a little slow at getting the V-day stuff up and settled.

I think after party time for Q I've been a little out of it... good thing my girl loves decorating!  She loves when I'm burned out and she can do it herself!  Normally I let her go for it and I come back and rearrange... she doesn't love that!

really should let go of my controlling

I'm such a good mom

self and let her help more...

Mostly she does a great job... she is getting so big!  Love her!

We'll start in our entryway... this seems to change every year, but I keep the hearts.

my photo shelves hold little sentiments like this...

as well as this printable from


Our bookshelf has cutsie stuff like this.  Made that little craft I did... this is the box that held the same sentiment above... making use of all trash!

And, I love to decorate with candy!

Here is my little table all set up for V-day.  I got those trees back in January, Christmas clearance!  I made the block and felt heart wreath.

Here is the mantle in our family room.  I brought this mirror in here this past week.   It was a yard sale find.  Christmas inspired me to move a mirror to this spot.  I tried the big rectangle for Xmas.  I brought this one to the front room (was sitting in a closet prior to that... just waiting)  I made the switch and love this one in here.  I don't think I'll leave it gold, may brush some silver over it... lightly.

This printable has been going like wildfire on pinterest.  I created that!  Help yourself to one!  

v-day printables

Remember this clearance find?  I made a garland out of them.  Love it!  AND still have plenty left over!

Our last bit of {love} this month is by way of dishes.  I have a dish fetish.  Seriously... it's a weakness!

These tumblers are plastic and old, but are my FAVOrite cups!  Crazy!

We have a splash of red, and pink... the pink will go into spring...

These red bowls

And these ones too.  These polka dot plates are plastic and the kids use those during the day.

Festive makes us happy here!  We can always use a little happy!