Treasure Hunting and Making Wreaths

Back in November I finally went to Habitat for Humanity's Restore, in Buffalo.

I've wanted to go, but just hadn't found the time, I guess.

SOOO glad I went when I did!

The stars all aligned for me that day and I got some GREAT stuff!  I tell you what!  SCORE!

Here is what I got round 1.

 Amber glass light fixtures - $1 each

What on earth did I buy these for?  Well I used them


on my Thanksgiving table.

Old brass and glass light fixture - $1

I'll show you what I do with this after the holidays.  I'm sure you can guess!

Brand new ornaments with tags on them - .50 for 3 of them.

And, the major score is this beauty!  $50.

It is in beautiful condition.  I will clean it up a little, but there will be no painting of this beauty.  It is lovely just how it is.  It will be awesome in our master when it's all done.  It looks great in there now too, of course!

Are you dying!?  I was dying!  I love this piece!

Last item/items are these.

11 wreaths!  Yes I said 11!  They had 11 and they were $1 each, so I bought them all.

They are in great shape, they are nice thick wreaths.  I'll show you how I'm using them


, because I have used every last one!  I'll do a post showcasing all our wreaths.

For now I'll show you these 4.

Yesterday I used my sport ball ornaments and put together wreaths for my boys, to hang in their rooms.

I let them each choose what sport/sports they wanted.

I lay them out so I could get an idea of what else to put on them.  I still wanted them to feel Christmas-y.

Putting them together was a cinch.  They are all grooped in 3's.  I threaded a ribbon through the plastic holding them together, pulled tight on the back and knotted the ribbon.

All of the other 'stuff' just sits in there.  Again, because they are nice and thick they hold nicely.

G wanted just basketballs, E wanted just soccer balls, and O wanted them all.

I made it happen and these boys love having these over their beds.

Q wanted to design her own.  I put it together for her and hung it up.

She had made her room so fun for Christmas, with lights and snowflakes all over.

I went to the Restore again last week and didn't come home empty handed, much to my husbands disappointment!

I'm going again tomorrow to pick up a piece of furniture



We had so much fun treasure hunting.  I need to make it a point to go more often as inventory is always changing.

Have you ever seen a sports ball wreath?

Do you like to dumpster dive or 'thrift'?