This week... School and Pita Pizza

I'll of course have to go back, but I'm here now and I'll record this week!

The two little boys started preschool!  I signed them both up to go to Clearfield.  They are great there, O really enjoyed himself last year, it's super cheap, and close, and many friends go.  Miss Beth tipped me off to when the books were coming out.  These classes fill up super fast so you have to be on the ball!  I called the morning the books came in and we got there as soon as they arrived.  There were a couple of other women from church arriving and we all signed our littles up.  I was THE first one to sign up, not that it matters, but there was plenty of room in the T/TH class for me.  I had to correct the helper lady who mistakenly put me in the M/W class... then changed me back I thought!

We took pictures on Tuesday morning, these kiddies were super excited!  We got backpacks out, I was planning to go for a bike ride during the break, all was well.  We arrived early and waited, then discovered they were expecting us the day before!  What?  It was a mess!  Not too big a deal, just a bit annoying!  The girl that were w/ me vouched for me and I got to stay.  They need an additional teacher that day to help w/ all the kids, but I'm glad it worked out.

The boys LOVE it!  I LOVE it!  Today I took off and rode in the warm fall sunshine while they were gone!  Monday Molly and I went riding too.  It has been great!  My plan is to ride more this fall while its warm.  I can run all winter long, but can't cycle, I'm not training for anything, so I'll enjoy my bike!

O is old enough to do Pre-K this year, but it is a lottery system and he didn't get in.  I'm not worried about him being ready for Kindergarten, he'll be fine.  We do need to work on writing a bit, but I can do that.  The other big difference will be that he'll go everyday, where this year it is only twice/week.  But for me, if I have one in preschool (E) then it would be really nice to have 2 in preschool!!  We went for it.  It will be great.

After preschool today I had some friends over for a little lunch.  Got to know Becka L., Cassie R., Laura W. a little better.  The kids had a great time, we had a yummy lunch.  I loved it!  I used the cute girls as my models for new headbands I have for sale.  They are dollies!  I loved photographing them!  Need to get my new stuff up, still figuring all of that out!

New little lunch that I'll be having for the next bit is my pita pizza.  Thought of it yesterday, tried it, loved it, had it again today!  The girls thought it was good too, it's a keeper.  I have had these pitas in my freezer/fridge forever, I spread some spicy hummus over it, sprinkled cheese on it, then topped it with green peppers, maybe some chicken, then baked it till it was nice and toasty.  Super good! 

Moving on to other things this week.  We had activity days, made button bracelets, they were a hit and turned out super cute.  The girls all know how to sew on buttons!

Wednesday Q and O tried their first gymnastics class.  They both loved it.  It was so nice to see Q actually try something.  She's good!  I'm not surprised, she'd be great at many things if she'd only try.  I'm so glad she got out there.  She was doing hand stands, walking on the beam, doing cartwheels and back bends.  She looked so good!  I could see her a little unsure of herself, but she kept at it, and did so well!  I definetly want her to take gymnastics.

O tried as well.  He is a natural, pretty much at anything.  He's been doing 'ninja warrior' in the basement and one of the things he does is climb the pole and hang onto the metal beam in our celing.  He's strong, and coordinated.  He had a smile on his face the whole time and did well.  I'm not surprised.  Of course E was dying to get a shot.  They let him try the last 10 minutes of class and he did well, not as coordinated, it's amazing what a year will do, but still good enough!  He enjoyed himself TOTALLY!  I'm not sure I'll have the littles take.  We'll have to think about it, it's expensive for all three.  We'll see.

Last night I did the back to school night right after gymnastics.  I think both kids teachers seem great and it should be a good year.  This morning as I woke Q was walking out of my room, she looks so tall to me right now.  She is growing.  She finds joy in tidying the house, SUper helpful and I tell her all of the time!  She is becoming more of a care taker, last week before church she helped the boys get bfast, w/o being asked.  She is maturing in that way, love her.

G is anxious to do something.  Maybe soccer.  The boy loves everything.  He contemplated gymnastics while we were there and was frustrated he couldn't just go out there and try.  There was no boy class, but he didn't care, he would've tried the balance beam!!!  He just wanted to try.  By the end he decided it's not the sport for him.  We'll decide soon what he'll be doing this fall.  He is into reading Harry Potter right now and just started the third book.  It's fun to watch him get into reading, he certainly started before Q, she's finally finding the joy.  He has shared his Pokemon w/ O and they are buddies all about that, so cute!  He is also very supportive of O when they go do ninja down in the basement.  He'll tell O that he is amazing!  He is such a good sport!

Tonight was my first dance class.  I'm excited for this year.  I wondered what would be in store for me, but it's good to shake things up a little.  I have a huge class and they range in age and ability, but it's fun to have beginners that are pliable and moldable.  It will be a good year.

Other fun things around here... got us a new electronic keyboard.  I guess it was my anniversary gift to our family!  The kids loved the piano in UT.  Mom said I could have hers but until I have a house that will fit it this keyborad will do!  They have had a great time playing on it.  I bought us a couple of beginner books, it will be fun to learn together.

I have a couple of anniversary gifts coming my way.  Got a new camera bag, and some jewels!  I wasted/spent a whole day looking online for the perfect amethyst, because that is the gemstone I don't have yet, in ring form... M got me a bracelet for our 10 yr.  I went upstairs just to double check cuts of stones that I have and I found 2 amethyst rings!!!  They are in a different place because they are silver rings, but I had to laugh at that... needless to say I didn't get an amethyst ring!  I had fun looking at all of the different choices and my purchase shipped today!  I ended up getting a cintrine/peridot ring as well as a smokey topaz ring.  I'm excited!

M is super busy w/ work, could work until 10 every night if I didn't need him home for the various eveining acitivities we'v had.  Nose to the grindstone.

I've been preparing for my lesson this week.  Thinking and studying about faith and how it is a source of strenght for us.  I'm almost finished reading the Book of Mormon.  Need to start thinking of how I'd like to study it for the next while.

I've scrapped a few pages. Shocker!  I printed a TON of photos.  I am determined to get going on this.  I bought all this Project Life stuff to help me keep an easy record.  Must make use of my stuff!!!

Still in 'clean out' mode.  Have reorganized the basement and the boys rooms.  Have been working on the front room, going through things I have in the book cases.  Done a little in the dining room.  It is good stuff!