As promised... bathroom update

This crazy bathroom! Again, we are just renting/leasing at this point! We do have the option to buy when our lease is up. Who knows if we’ll stay, but I just cannot stand this crazy house! If our landlord will let us update stuff I’m gonna do it!

Blinding before...

Bold, but beautiful after...

Like I've said we still need to put up the trim, but that is it. New tile, new paint, new hardware... ahhh, feels good!

Saturday was a working day... again! We are immediately moving on! I painted the kitchen ceiling. We've been patching it because we moved a light fixture. It wasn't centered over our table. We went and purchased new pulls and Matt has put those up.

Our other Saturday project was rearanging our family room furniture. Our room is more open now, and there is light! We also primed our bookshelves. It is really coming together and the place isn't half bad now!!!