The Post On Crashing

So, last week I was thinking of this post...

It was built around the word 'crash'.

The night I thought of it was the night I was so exhausted I crashed around 7:30 pm.  Out like a light, exhausted, all done!  On my bed, sucked of all my energy!  I woke up at 8:15 to tuck my kids into bed, then brushed my teeth, flossed, because I always do, then crash, back in bed.

And how about this... crash is what my BFF did to get out of finishing our bike ride on Memorial Day morning!  Not really, she just hit a giant rock that was right in front of her.  She didn't see it was right in front of her, because she was looking back to make sure she was safe to cross the road!

It was crazy!  I watched her head slide under the guard rail and was a little concerned when she didn't move right away!  Of course she couldn't, she was stuck.  I wondered how I'd get her feet unclipped from her bike, but as I got up to her saw they went ahead and did that already.  Whew.  Now to just pull her out!

It was awful, mostly for the nice guy who pulled over to help.  He saw the whole thing.  I think people thought he'd hit her with his car, because who just falls on their bike? :)

And then there was that 'first responder' who told us that is what she is... oh, great!  I asked if she had a first aid kit in her car, anything to start bandaging.  Well, no, why would a first responder have that?  Then don't call yourself a 'first responder'!  She was no good and we dismissed her, with a very genuine 'thank you'.  It was good of her to stop.

I hated seeing Molly all beat up.  We waited for S to come get us.  He was mad at her for crashing... She moaned and urged some hurrying, because she was in pain, but not enough pain to pass up the gas station that was right there!  Nope we stopped, and S got us all some Diet Coke!  It makes bad things better doesn't it?!

She was pretty beat up!  It put a little bit of a damper on Memorial Day!

Back to my blog post... after those two things I was stuck...

What in the world could round out this blog post?

I needed another 'crash'.

I did a scrapbook layout a long time ago entitled crash into you... maybe?

Well I went ahead and rounded it out Wednesday morning when I splattered all over the pavement myself!

How nice for my blog post is that?

I got up early on Wednesday to get an 8 mile tempo run in.

We've heard me complain about getting up early, but I did it!  It wasn't so bad.

At about mile 2 I kicked a piece of sidewalk and it didn't move!  Crash went Carolyn!

Occasionally I don't pick my feet up enough and I'll kick a rock here and there.  This time I kicked a little piece of sidewalk that wasn't flat... and I was laid out flat!

Iiiit was a little embarrassing!

I asked Molly which was more 'special'  falling off your bike, or falling off your feet?

BUT, dang-it, I woke up early!

I went ahead and finished most of my run.  I figured I'd need to get myself cleaned up before taking the kids to school.  If I didn't the sweat and sting we be much worse.  I went 6.5 and still kept some good tempo miles!

And there you have it, my crash blog post!

These have been some good training weeks.  Next week I'm all about triathalon talk!

Here is what this past week looked like for me...

M- swim 1 mile, cycle 12 miles, run 2 miles @ 8 pace (all done @ JCC, indoors)

T- run 4 miles outside in heat (need to run earlier now... too hot!) 7:44 pace

W- morning run 6.5 tempo

Th- easy ride with Melissa 14ish miles

F- swim 1200 (400x warm, 400x 50m sprints, 400 easy crawl, 200 backstroke)

S- 11 mile run, 14 mile bike

I want to make sure to get out on a run, even a few short miles, more frequently.

My running miles are lower with the other training I'm doing, but since I'm technically in the first weeks of marathon training too, I don't want my miles to fall too far.  Nothing can really simulate or take the place of running.  You may be in great shape, but if you haven't built up endurance running feels hard.  You build that by running!  I don't want to lose it.

Had a good crash lately?

What are you training for right now?

Have you ever done a triathalon? 

Want to?