The Opposite of Feeling Amazing

Remember that post I wrote about sometimes

feeling like I'm amazing


Well, the opposite is also true.

There are times when I just feel like a loser, especially when it comes to running.

I have mostly felt like a loser lately!

I had a nightmare over Christmas break.

I was at the beginning of a marathon, still deciding if I was going to run it.  I told someone I had only done a 10 mile long run up to that point.  I decided I could still do the marathon, just run really slow at the back.  By the time I decided to go, everyone had already started.  I got lost, then realized it was the Boston Marathon, ran a couple of miles to get back on course, and couldn't find it!

I woke myself up!

At that point, yes, the farthest I had run was 10 miles.

You'd think that would kick me in the kiester and get me going!

Week before last I only ran 3 times.... 3 times!

Can you say loser?

I ran a 12, 4 and 10.

That's it!

Fortunately my pace is not


.  My long runs are around 7:48 pace.  Ideally though I would be faster!  The only way to get faster is to put the training in.

Any other winter I really wouldn't call myself a loser, this winter, since I'm marathon training, 24 miles for the week just isn't enough.

Gone are the feelings of awesome, all around me are feelings of frustration!

Why am I struggling to get this in?  Where is my drive?  Where is my fire?  Where is my sacrifice and determination?

Last week I picked it up a bit, but still missed a day and only ran 5 Saturday instead of 14.  I felt sick and could not get back after my 5.  GI blahhh.

Today I will run my 14.  (I did run my 14)

This week I will get 35-40 miles in.

Invest is my word for 2016.

Robert Arnott said: 'In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable'.

Indeed these words apply to all investments we make, not just financial.

I have slipped into a comfort zone.

I need to push out of that to make this investment profitable, or 'worth it' to me.

I have worked hard to qualify, I invested good money to be part of this race.

I don't want to arrive there only to survive this race.

I want to be ready.

I want to enjoy it.

I want to run well and with ease.

The investment happens now.

Running has to be higher on the priority list.

And, what I do with each run has to be profitable, not wasteful.

ran 14 on the trml.  wet hair, sopping tank, but it's done.

7:50 average, did some hills, and ended with 7:30 pace.

In other news my Achilles are doing ok.  I have tried to strengthen my feet and calves more.  I have been more dedicated to stretching and massage.  They don't hurt as bad as they have!