Finished Glass Cabinet with a Fun Background

In my last 10 things post I mentioned these pulls and how they are the missing piece I've been waiting for to finally show this project as completed!

It seems like so long ago that I found this piece.  It was this past winter.  This cabinet was grouped with a buffet and a table.  This was the piece I wanted!  I fell in love!

I was so fortunate to be shopping with my friend Kierste, who just happened to be hunting for a buffet!  We bought our pieces and told Habitat they could sell the table separately!  Win, win.

This may have been the treasure hunt we ended up finding several things and had to call a neighbor with a trailer to help us haul all our treasures home.  Oh dear!

This piece was in great shape minus the veneer coming off on the sides.  One side came off easily, the other side could've been patched, but the one side was so shot that I decided to take it off both sides so they matched.  

Look at that pretty detail.

I primed the whole thing with Killz.  I think I did two layers of primer because the paint color I was using is so light.  

I filled the holes on the sides and sanded that down, then primed the sides again.

I painted the cabinet Sea Salt, by Sherwin Williams at Lowe's.  It is just off white, a subtle hint of color.  It is more blue, the online swatch looks more gray.

After the outside was all painted I primed and painted the inside, plain white.

I knew before I began that I wanted to do something fun in the back of this cabinet.  I found and used this DCWV project paper, that I got from JoAnn's.

I measured and cut it to fit at the back.  I actually just used double sided tape, at the edges, to keep it in place.  That way I can change it out if and when I want.  How fun would it be to change it out for holidays?  

After I got that all done I was ready to put the glass door back on.  I was careful not to ever fully close the door, because there was no handle on it!  There is a key hole, and of course I don't have the key.

I was so very excited to find my hardware, mostly excited that the set has a that pull that I could put on my door!

Here is my finished project, in my family room.  I love the subtle color on the outside, and the bold color inside.

And here is that hardware.  I didn't even think about the width of the crystal until I went to drill the holes.  Thank heavens it fits on that narrow piece of wood.  I would've been a tad bit upset if that hadn't worked out!

I also am not totally convinced I'm finished with this piece.  I didn't do any antiquing or distressing, and I keep telling myself that I don't have to do that to every piece of furniture!!!  BUT, it does help bring out the pretty details of the piece.  I may go back and do that.

This is the perfect spot for this piece and I'm so very happy I found it!  It will be well loved in our home.