Thanksgiving Review... with lots of decor!

Mostly I wanted to skip Thanksgiving this year.

Part of me will surely want to skip many of these upcoming holidays.  We spend the holidays with our best buddies... and they moved to Texas.

The 'knife in heart' feeling was a little too raw since the C's left the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  I was in denial that it was on it's way.

I didn't think much about what we would do, until a couple of weeks prior actually.  I made some calls, to get us booked up.  Everyone had plans... and no invitations were extended... which I'd expect any other year.  We always do Thanksgiving with the C's.  We are always taken care of... just not this year!

I offered up to M that this would be the perfect year to travel!  We never have.  This may be our year!

As the C's move, and Thanksgiving neared, Matt pulled through for us!  We would spend Thanksgiving in Canada, at the Great Wolf Lodge.

It was wonderful!  It was perfect for us!

It was the bit of brightness, we were able to surprise the kids with, the day the C's left... as we were all sobbing together in the boys room.

We had a great time!

We saw some of the parade, getting ready to swim, and I was ok as I thought about all of the prior years I'd listened from the kitchen as I started the homemade rolls for our feast.

When we came home Thanksgiving was over!

We had a nice dinner together Friday, our own faux Thanksgiving.  M took care of that 100%.  It was awesome!

While he cooked I got out all our Christmas stuff and spent the weekend decorating.

We survived!

It all still hurts a bit, but we are ok.

Before it all gets too far away I want to show you our Thanksgiving home.

Of course I showed you our mantle.

Here is our front entry...

This paper garland was made with kraft paper, white chipboard letters and twine.

I got a large tree branch from our back yard 'forest' and spray painted it white.  I intended it for another project, but after I finished, figured I'd work it into the decor now!  I wrapped it with LED lights and hung gold feathers on it.  I love it!

gold feathers - Hobby Lobby

I added dipped pine cones and a printable to this entry table.

Into the kitchen...  I didn't photograph our window, but had some sayings up, one being this printable I found...

Here is my fab buffet...

I'll tell you about this garland tomorrow.

Here is a look at my table.  I recently went to my local re-store and found some treasures.

I'll show you all the fun things I got, and how I've used them.  

One thing I got were these old amber light fixtures.  I wasn't sure what I'd do with them until I got them home.  They make both a great fake vase, and candlesticks, don't you think?

How was Thanksgiving for you?

Have you moved on and decorated for Christmas yet?

What room is most festive in your house?