Straw Starburst Mirror: Christmas AND Valentines Day

Oh my gosh it was so hard getting up this morning!

And it was cold and snowy outside!

The boys got up ok, but Q, who gets to sleep an hour longer than the rest of us was having a hard time, and didn't want to go to school, said she didn't feel well!

Thank heavens for Taylor Swift playing on the radio on the way to school,  and a goofball mom, that put a smile on her face!  I may playing her music tomorrow morning to get started!

I made this easy straw starburst mirror over the break.

I love it so much I'm keeping it up through Valentines!

I got these straws at Target's dollar spot.  I think I used 6 or 8 packs.  This is the cheapest I've seen these paper straws so when I spotted them I grabbed a bunch!

I used a flat .60 piece of craft wood and a mirror.

I started with gluing the mirror in the center of the wood, then began gluing straws.  I did the two sides first and began placing them close together, then spread out a bit more as I got around to the top and bottom.

This way you only really have to fill in along the top and bottom.

I cut a few straws angled at the top so I could fill in the holes with them.  I then cut the ends that were too long.

You could put another mirror on top if you want, to make it cleaner.  In fact you could just trace a circle of the mirror, glue straws on then put the mirror on... that may actually be the smarter way!  Oh well!

I used the hanging tag from the wood to string my ribbon through.

Here it is in my dining room.  Love it!  And I'm totally keeping it up through Valentines day, and will change the décor around it!  Super cheap, super easy, super cute... doesn't get better than that!