Easy St. Patricks Sign...

I have been making St. Patrick's Day stuff!  

st patricks day sign

I asked one of my friends to join me and she hesitated, and was like um, we're Italian!  We don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day!!!  I loved the devotion to heritage, and it also made me chuckle.  I'm not Irish either, but I love any excuse to be festive!

This sign is so easy to make.  I was inspired by this cute photo block that I made a long time ago.  It's black and white striped.  I thought that would be a cute base for a St. Patrick's day sign.

I started with a block of wood, (that I found on the side of the road) that I have sanded down and cleaned up.  I painted it a distressed white back in November.  Remember this thankful sign?  

I bought wood letters and the plan was to do the sign black and white stripes with green letters.

lucky sign

I began by taping my stripes.  I used washi tape.  It isn't too sticky and comes up nicely.  I just eyeballed the width between the stripes, and the level.  You can certainly measure if you wish!

diy st patricks sign

Next I painted with black paint.  Since the white is distressed I chose to do the black that way as well.  I was sure not to cover all of the white completely.

My next step was to remove the tape.  I love that crafty paint doesn't take a long time to dry.

lucky sign

I bought these wood letters for this project.  My next step was to paint them green, Shamrock Green actually!  I sanded the edges of the letters after they were dry, again, to go with all of the distressing happening!  Then, I hot glued them to my sign.  

Super fast, super easy, super cute!  I put this sign up on my mantle.  Here is how my St. Patrick's mantle looks...

St. Patrick's mantle

I love it!  This is my first St. Patty's mantle!

St. Patrick's Day decor
st patrick's decor.  st patricks day.  st patricks mantle