The Reality of Starting School

Happy Saturday!  Look at me posting on a Saturday... what the...

Matt has been in VA since yesterday.  He should be home soon.

I watched kids last night, watched kids this morning.

I've been prepping my lesson for Sunday and prepping for the wedding I'm shooting today.

It's a big day!

The sun is shining, there is a chill in the air, the kids are happy to be outside (I am too... happy they are outside).

It's a good day.

Ok, a full week of school has gone by.

This is a big year for us.  Q is in 5th grade, which is middle school here, and O has moved into K, which is all day here.

I've forgotten to make a lunch for Q a couple of times, but I think I've remembered O's snack every day!

This year the two boys are on the bus earlier than last year, so we've got to book it in the mornings. 

I've been hoping to be up at 6 to either run or study... I'm still hoping!  Most days I sleep until 7... because I don't go to bed until midnight.  Blast!  I've got to get into the school schedule now!

That means I'm dragging butt a little and don't get downstairs until 'rush' mode has set in.  I'm making lunches, flinging eggs onto plates, grabbing snacks, tying shoes, finding jackets, working up a good morning sweat! 

These boys work quick though... I'm not convinced this earlier time would've worked with Q... she spends so much time in front of the mirror, combing the same strand of hair!  It looks really good... just don't look at the back of her head! 

I get G and O on the bus then come back and we have 40 minutes until she goes to school.  She has been so excited that she gets to sleep in... don't ask me why the middle school is on the latest schedule, makes no sense to me...  BUT in all of her 'excess' time she is not moving fast enough and that has made for some mornings where 'happy and bright' mommy gets a little less 'happy and bright'!  Hair comes after eating breakfast... especially if you're just standing there combing the same piece!

Oh heaven's I have a tween!  To her credit she wants to learn how to do her hair better, on her own, I'm all for that, within our time frame!

She really is doing well, and after initial shock can make the changes to make it work.  She has.  She's a rock star! 

I, however, as mentioned before, have also gone into relax mode so much that I've forgotten, until it's time to walk out the door, to make her a lunch... Nice mom, less lecture, more lunch making!

We'll get there.

The after school schedule leaves something to be desired this year.  By the time everyone gets home and we get homework done it's time to get ready for dinner.  This is the perfect year for me to back off of teaching dance and Activity Days.  I feel busy enough just going through every one's bags, then getting dinner ready!

Here are photos from the first day of school.

Q made a sign for each person to hold...

Strike a pose!  He is a crack up!

Cute little man!  He has been such a great big brother, watching out for O.

Ready to get on with the show.  O wasn't really nervous for his first day, although he was a little fidgety.  I'm sure having his G with him helped... so glad for that.

Ready for the bus... stinkin' driver... we all have issues with her... is it too much to ask to pull up to where the kids are standing?  Sighhhhh.

Isn't she cute?  Love her.  I walked with her every morning last week... all the way to the school.  There is a walkway at the end of our street where the kids can cut through the field behind the school.  Most moms stand at the end of our street and say goodbye there.  Q wanted me to walk her all the way to the school, so I happily did. 

Are you kidding?  Most kids want their moms to get away!  I'll hold onto that as long as I can!

I kept asking her if she wanted me there... I didn't want to embarrass her.  So glad she doesn't think I'm embarrassing... yet!

Little E walks with us.  It's fun to walk home with him.  He's my buddy.

After coming home, with little E, that first day, the house felt so empty.  We both missed O.  The two are the dynamic duo and the house was so quiet w/o O.  I felt a little blue for sure, still glad to have my E with me.  I'm sure I'll be a little bit of a mess next year.

E and I went to meet his teachers and his class, his first official day was the following day.

He was rearing to go.  He is familiar with all of it, watching O last year.  We are fortunate to have the same room and teacher as O had last year.

E is so funny, if anyone asks how he likes preschool he is quick to correct them.  It's not pre school, it's Pre-K.  Preschool is at Clearfield Community Center, Pre-K is at Page 1.  He's big now!

He goes in the afternoon which stinks mostly because he spends all morning asking if it's time to go to school yet!  This is why I try to still go to the store w/ him in the morning.  It gives us something to do.  This past week I've pushed him in the stroller and we go running together.  Love that!

I'm not going to lie, those 2 hours alone are great!  They go by fast!

I've used them to run, edit photos, clean and organize.

  If I can get my work done while everyone is at school then I can spend more time with them when they are home.

Then they all come home!

O has been so funny.  As he gets off the bus he immediately tells me 'Mom I don't want to tell you about my day!'  He just wants to play! 

I do expect a report, but I can wait until we do homework.

These guys were glad to see each other that first day.  This melts my heart... almost makes me forget all of the fighting they do!

This also melts my heart. 

Meeting eyes with my girl and seeing her run to me.  I love her.

As for G... he's got it easy this year, practically everything is the same.  He gets more out of O on the bus ride home than I do!  G fills me in on what O is doing.  At least someone knows about his day!