Running to imperfection

Yesterday I went on one of those runs that felt like I was on clouds. I paid no attention to time, breathing, pace, I just ran... and thought. I love those times when I am so swept away in thought running is just the release that keeps it going.

What was I thinking? Well, I thought back to a conversation I had with some girlfriends on the way home from Palmyra yesterday. Wishing I hadn't said some things I did, regretting that some secrets of my past were out, weaknesses I have, imperfections I have.

As I ran and thought I came to the place of peace. It's okay that I'm not perfect, and it's okay that other people, people that I love and admire and are freinds with, know that. I don't tell everyone about personal struggles I've had, I guess because have them under control and they are a thing of the past... still, they are me, and I'm not perfect.

What a gift it is to be imperfect. Everytime I remember that (not that I ever think I am perfect, more like each time I fall from 'having it together') I'm imperfect, I have the opportunity to become humble, which is the greatest gift. Through humility I realize that I need to rely on a power greater than my own. Through humility I create a safety for other's who are also only human. Through humility I can heal and become better than I was before.

I spent a bunch of time yesterday worrying about that conversation. After my run I felt fine. I don't regret sharing the struggles I've had. I don't feel embarrassed because others know I don't 'have it all together'! I am a piece of imperfection, but that in itself, is just perfect!