Running Is Introduction Enough...

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted where I am with running.

My last update I did 19 miles on my treadmill.

The following week the heavens opened and I was blessed!

My friend told me about her other friend who runs.  She wanted to introduce us.  It wasn't working out with the schedule so I told her to just send me her number.

No introduction is necessary really, when you are a runner.  We are a strange breed that way.

Running is enough to instantly create a common bond.

We texted each other and officially met for the first time on Friday (2/26) for a long run!

Like I said, running is introduction enough!

We had 13 miles to get to know each other!

And talk we did!  It was fantastic!  Cold, windy and grey, but fantastic!

It's much better taking yuck conditions on with a fellow runner.

I was scheduled for 20 miles, so I ran 8 on the treadmill prior to our run. (which I realize put me at 21 miles as we finished our 13... sweet!)

For the first time... ever, my knees really hurt me the following day.  I was hoping to get an easy run in on Saturday, but something was up.  I rested.  My knees have never felt swollen like that.

This was my schedule for the week of 2/22.

Monday - 5

Tuesday -  4 + xtrain

Wednesday - 4 (I can't remember what I did!  May have rested?)

Thursday - 10

Friday - 21 miles (13 with Ashley)

Saturday - rest

I am so annoyed with myself that I've stopped recording what I run.

I have my schedule all made out, but the days usually get mixed around.  

Most of the time I write it down (anything I do on the trml needs to be written down), but I haven't been lately.

I'm annoying myself!  It's helpful to keep track.  Duh!

Last week was a recovery week.  It felt good to know that my longest distance was going to just be 12!  My runs felt easy, fast and good.

Monday - 4 + xtrain

Tuesday - 6.5 tempo - 1 mile w/u, 2 tempo, 1 mile rest, 2 tempo, .5 cool down.

I shocked myself with this tempo.  My third tempo mile was slightly uphill into the wind.  I thought I would vomit I was sucking air so hard.  I expected a much slower mile... and then it beeped ... 7 pace!  Awesome.

Wednesday - rest - I really shouldn't be taking 'rest' days because this training season there has been at least one day each week that I can't get a run in, poor planning, busy, change of plans etc... I end up with only 4 or 5 days of running.  Really it's been more like 4 days/week.

Thursday - 6.5 - ran to Gerry's to pick up my car... literally ran there, with my cc and coupon in my belt!

Friday - 

Saturday - 12

I still have several weeks of training left before the Boston Marathon.

Just this morning I checked their training schedule to see how I stack up.  I am pretty well on target, despite feeling frustrated and unprepared I think I will be ok.  (More on that later.)

I plan to run 22 this week, crossy fingers I don't get any sickness that has infiltrated this house.