Rochester Sprint Triathalon... race review... Finally!

It's been almost 2 years since I experienced my first triathalon.

I'm just now writing about it!  Go me!

My first Olympic distance is this weekend, so I figured I'd better write about the sprint before I write about that!

Here are the quick stats...

Rochester Sprint Triathalon

Total time: 1:28:20

12 overall female, 1st in age group!

swim: 18:29 (2:28 pace), bike: 43:24 (17.3 pace), run: 23:36 (7:37 pace)

Story time!

It was in August of 2012.

I think I'd signed up for the sprint distance prior to going to UT.

Melissa, Megan and I signed up.  Molly wanted to be there, but didn't want to race.  She was our photographer!

I still remember it all very vividly and I'm sure that won't last!  It's time to write it down.

I'd run my first marathon that year in UT.

I felt I was pretty trained for the sprint distance, I just wanted to try swimming.

I was very new to swimming at that point.  I think while I was in UT I had my brother Brandon give me some tips, but I'd only really swam one time in the pool, doing real laps.  I was new to the whole breathing while swimming situation!

When I came back the three of us got together several times at Spaulding Lake to practice swimming.

The first time it was Molly, Melissa and I!

That was a funny experience!  At that point I thought I'd try my kids goggles!  I think I'd just ordered my first goggles and cap, but they hadn't arrived yet.

The kid goggles didn't work for me!

I swam the whole time w/ my head above the water, which was just fine, since I lost my breath to panic, when I tried to stick my head under!

I still kicked butt and went relatively fast, especially for the minimal knowledge I had at the time.

I swam a few more times in the lake, with goggles now, and tried to get used to the bottomless abyss that it seems to be!  I began to feel comfortable and felt ready-ish... again, relative to what I knew.

I felt the bike and run would be just fine.  I did cycle a few times prior.  I hadn't gone cycling all summer, so that was a shocker to my legs, but the sprint isn't that far, so I thought I'd be fine.  I was more nervous about the whole idea of riding next to people, ah!  Never had raced on my bike before!  I think I was most afraid of that part.  It still makes me nervous.

So, we all headed to Rochester Friday to pick up our packets.  It was a good drive, good visit.  We went out to eat at PFChangs and talked all about what to expect, strategies!  Molly was the only one with any experience, so she shared all she could with the three of us!

We stayed at Megan's relatives house.  Rochester is really pretty!  We were all so impressed.  We stayed up for a while, made a plan for the morning, then went to bed.  Molly and I stayed up late visiting and giggling.  I was shocked at how late she was able to stay up! :)  I guess with me talking constantly one wouldn't be able to sleep!

Race day!  Don't we look well rested!?

I've got to say I am so glad to have done this the first time with these girls!  None of really knew what to expect.  Molly helped us all set up our transitions.

It was a little nerve wracking!  I didn't really feel nervous about my ability, it was more about the unknown.  There is a lot to think about and anticipate!  We headed down to the water for the meeting.  I ate a little bit more while we waited on the beach.

The beach was beautiful!  The water was so nice!  Lake Ontario is nicer than Lake Erie!  There I said it!  It may be all of the manufacturing that exists in our area!

Melissa was in a the wave before Megan and I... she's younger! 

We watched her take off then said our good luck's and got ready!

We were off!

There was a huge sand bar that we had to run over after a few meters.

The swim wasn't as bad as I anticipated, as far as people kicking me and splashing around me.  I was nervous for that element.  We spread out pretty good and since I wasn't completely accustomed to swimming with my head fully in the water I was just fine!

I know I've said it before, but I am amazed at how I've grown in the swimming realm.  I feel so much more practiced, more efficient.

I swam fine.  I wasn't panicked by the water.  I just went, just swam as fast as I could!  I paid no attention to who was around me, who was passing me, it's difficult to do in this situation!  I ended up passing Melissa and Molly missed my exit, but caught up to me in T area.

This transition went nice and smooth.  I was the only one leaving T area at my time, so I was unclear of which way the course went!!!  I started biking the wrong way!  LOL.  I asked and the volunteers set me straight!  What a dork!

The bike was hard!  Like I said I hadn't ridden much and I think it's pretty safe to say I'd never ridden my bike up any sort of hill!  We looped around a six mile route 2 times.  A good portion of the beginning of that ride was a steep uphill!  What?  I hadn't done my homework!  Was clueless about that!  

It was so steep, and I was going so slow I wondered if I'd be faster running my bike up the hill!  Now I'm more accustomed to that, I've ridden hills since, but that was my first time and I was a little afraid of falling off my bike because I wasn't moving! :)  And then I got to do it again!

As far as people and congestion that ended up being fine.  I never felt like I was going to crash into anyone.  I was able to pass a couple of people just fine.  It was spread out enough that we weren't all on top of each other.  Relief!

*** the part where I actually do fall off my bike ***

So, as I was coming in, of course my legs were a little worked, me not being prepared and all!

I was ready to dismount my bike, held my breaks, stood on my left leg, let go of my breaks, bike starts rolling, at which point it's normal to hop with your bike and still swing your leg off... unless your legs aren't used to this, which mine weren't!  (Do you love how long that sentence was?)  I went to hop while my bike was moving and my calf cramped up, so bike was moving and I wasn't!  I couldn't get my other leg around in time so down I went!  Lame!  

The great thing is no one can help you!  So they all stood there... probably wondering how you fall of your bike at the end of the bike portion ... not able to do anything, but ask if I was ok.  I was, just embarrassed!

Now I know to keep holding onto my breaks so my bike will stay stopped until I'm ready!

The last transition was fast.  I got my bike put away and put on my race belt.  Then headed out.  I don't remember how I fueled for this race, but I assume I took in some Gatorade about this point.  I know I didn't while I was on the bike.

I think I'd only done what I now know as a brick workout once or twice (where you run right after cycling).  It was still a new feeling for me to run on jello legs.

As I headed out for the run I saw my family!  Yea!  They were cheering for me at about mile 1!  This was great!  I loved seeing them!

The run went pretty fast.  It was along a path, out and back.  They had music at the turnaround which provided me with a little lift!  There were trees and shade for part of the run.  It was pretty!

Saw my family again on the way back!  I was definitely tired, but felt strong.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was in second in my age group until the run.  I passed whoever it was to finish first in my age group.  I kicked it in the last .25, even though I felt drained!  It was a good finish for me!

I was so proud of me!  I did great for my first try/tri!  I loved this race.  Of course I have nothing to compare it to, but the course was good, even with the hills!  I don't know if I could do an Olympic on those hills, but maybe I'll try it someday!

All of our families were there at the finish line.  I cheered for my buddies as they came in!  I was so proud of them!  We all did so great!  Again, so glad to have had these girls to do this with!  Love them!

My first Olympic is Saturday.  This time I'm on my own, but I feel trained and good for this race!  Per usual my family will be there to cheer me on!  Wish me luck!