Rainy Day Chicken Pot Pie

It's Saturday, it's pooring outside... and I'm totally fine with that.

Everything I had today... cancelled!  What would you do if you didn't have to 'be' anywhere?

I'm going to go for a long run, on my treadmill... totally fine, because I haven't been on it for a long time, and this way I can watch One Tree Hill!!!  I'm almost finished with that series.

That's it!  That is all I have 'planned', besides date night with Matt... which is my treat for the day.

Now, the hubs has quite the project on his list, it's a rainy day... I can chill, and he can watch football after he does some 'projecting'!!! :)  And I have quite the task for him.  Closet instillation... watch for it because it will be a very entertaining before and after!


Today I bring you a great chilly weather dinner recipe.

This is quite comical actually because, normally, I'm not the queen of cooking, more like the jester!

We have historically been quite busy in the evenings... church callings, teaching dance, photo shoots, and Matt working late into the night.  Honestly dinner has fallen off our priority list.

The nights that I 'cook' we eat easy things like tacos, tortellini, spaghetti...

This summer Matt and I made some commitments to each other... he agreed that he'd try to be home for dinner and I agreed that I'd slow down on commitments out of the home, and cook more.

AND...  We've done awesome!  Matt has been home majority of the nights on time (6:30) and I've promoted to what, like, hand maid?  I'm not the queen yet... I'll never be a foodie... but I've definetly promoted.  I'm quite proud!

It feels good to have our priorities straightened out... family first.

So, here you go... Chicken Pot Pie... yum!

This recipe comes to you from my fabulous Land O Lakes cook book.  Being a cookbook made by a butter company it has to be good right?  It didn't disappoint!

Let's start with the pie crust...

2 c flour

1/4 tsp salt

2/3 c butter

1/4 c cold water

Have you made pie crust?  I make pie crust... only at Thanksgiving time... yes, this counts as a special day! 

I don't have fancy tools, someday I'll get some to make me more efficient... I just use 2 forks to break my butter apart and mix in my flour.  I use them pokers down and sort of criss cross...  I'd like to see you google that!  If you do have questions... seriously google it someone else could tell you better than I! 

The recipe says to split the dough into 2/3 and 1/3 portions, roll them both out and use the larger for the bottom of your 3 qt. dish.  I didn't spend time doing that.  I used all of my dough on the top. 


2 1/2 c cooked, cubed chicken

2 c fresh or frozen peas

1/4 c finely chopped onion

3 sliced 1 inch carrots

2 medium potatoes, peeled, cubed

I used whole chicken parts, from a chicken I'd bought two days before, that we'd had for dinner... 

I used frozen peas, onion, again I'd already sliced for taco night, then a bunch of carrots and potato.

Combine all of those ingredients, then work on your sauce!


3 tbsp butter

3 tbsp flour

1 c half and half (don't have that...ever... I used regular 1% milk)

1/2 c chicken broth

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

Melt your butter first, wisk in your flour, let it thicken and bubble.  Whisk in milk, chicken broth, salt and pepper.  Cook that sauce until it's nice and thick.

Combine the filling with the sauce, I did this right in my pan, since I didn't have pie crust in there...

Now it's time to put the pie crust on top! 

Now, let's be honest here... there is no way I'm taking time to make this thing look pretty!  My kids won't even see it before I start dishing it up!  How inspirational is that for you?

Bam!  Ugly, but oh, so good pie crust on the top!

If you are queen in the kitchen, by all means go for it, flute your edges, brush milk over the top so it shines... go for it!

Bake at 375 for 50 or 60 minutes, or until golden brown...

Then serve to your cute family for many praises!

I'm getting used to this!