Race Entry, Training Logs and FF Linkup

How are you?

I am honestly trying to talk myself out of depression!

O keeps asking 'Mom, do you really think winter will ever end?'

'Of course!'  I tell him.

I'm really not all that sure!

Today I feel blah.  I could use a day with a little warmth and sunshine, especially sunshine!

Tomorrow I plan to change out my closet, put winter colors away, get out spring.

My mind needs that mental hope!


Do you keep a workout or training log?

I do.  I like to be able to look back and see how I've improved, it's good to remember what body parts had what issues at what time!

This weekend I ran 10 miles.  It felt good.  I feel stronger than what I remember at this time last year.

Because I have a training log I can go back and see if I'm imagining things... turns out this entry is also my first entry as I transitioned from a paper record to this online record.  Here is that post:

March 4-9 2013

Indeed I am stronger and faster than I was last year at this time.  What does that mean?  Hopefully that translates into new goals being achieved!

Today I signed up for this race.

A bunch of people from our church are going to run it!  It should be so fun to have a ton of people there to cheer on!

I totally love the price of it!  This will allow me to enter a couple of other races this year.  I want to race a 5 and 10k again.

It fits right into my training.  I've decided to do a June marathon here in Buffalo.  Still need to pay for that.

Anyway, I'm chasing my goal of 1:30 time.  Gotta keep on... gotta hit it!

Here Is My Training Entry for Last Week:

Monday: 4x800's.  (all @ 2 incline)

Ran 1 mile 8 pace

1 800 @ 7.3 pace

1 800 @ 7 pace

2 800's @ 6.5 pace

I rested for 400 between each 800, then did a mile @ 8 pace.


Swim 1400 meters (1 mile) - I need to start keeping track of my time to more closely monitor my improvement.

Ran 4 tempo @ 2 incline

First mile 8 pace

Two miles 7.5 pace

Half mile 8 pace, finish 7.5... funny after running tempo I just want it to be over!  No need to slow it back down right?

Also squatted and did hamstrings and situps


Ran 3 treadmill - This was a good easy 'rest'!  Glad I still did something.  2 incline, 8 pace.


Swim 1000 meters,

Row - I don't know how far, but for 10 minutes.

Bike 5 miles - about 10 minutes

Squat, hamstrings, situps


Ran 5 on treadmill 8 pace


Ran 10 miles outside.  Felt strong, can feel the benefits of doing different disciplines and some lifting.  R calf pull is there, but I'm ok.  Need new shoes!

Tried to slow down 5 and 6 so I could hold tempo the last 4.  Didn't work that way!  I really thought I was going slower.  I hit it at 6!