Our Halloween Home - 2013

Better late than never right?

I wanted to post this yesterday, but these days are bizay!  I've been at the school or at an appointment every day this week.

Here is a look at some of our Halloween home!

This is our family room.  This is my mantle.

I created some Halloween printables. Go ahead and print some for your home!

I decided to keep the colors of this room silver, green and magenta, along with black of course.

I'll keep the silver pumpkins in here through Thanksgiving, not sure about the green ones though, we'll see.

This mirror was a yard sale find.  It's gold and I just barely dry brushed the silver over it.  I sort of liked it gold, although not for this room.  I couldn't go strictly one color, the dry brush fits this style mirror, some of the gold peeks through, looking more antique.  The silver does look much better in this room.

Here is our dining room.

Do you decorate every room for the holidays?  I like a little bit of festivity everywhere... even my bathrooms!

I got this cute little mummy in UT this summer.  He's so cute!

I have a ton of candy corn that is just for décor... this year I put it high so Shawn won't eat them!  Every year I tell him it's décor and every year he says he doesn't care and eats them anyway!