Our Favorite Christmas Advents...

Do you countdown to Christmas?  We do, every year!

There are so many great advent ideas out there, but this tree is what we use every. single. year!

We have a family meeting and talk about what we want to do for the month.

We do something every day.  Sometimes it's just reading a story, other days we see lights, get hot cocoa etc.

I am awful at scrapbooking these days, but I do make it happen for the month of December!

I take a photo of us doing our advent and write down our memories.

In the past I have premade books to make it easier on myself.

I haven't made one this year, but do plan to sit each day and record our December moments.

This year I decided to give our little advent tree a facelift.

The only room that I really decorate with traditional colors anymore is the kitchen, and that just isn't a good spot for this tree.

I decided to paint it gold!

It may be a phase, it may be trendy, but when I want to change it I'll just paint it again!

Here is what it looked like before.

I primed it with a gray primer, because that is what I had! 

Next I spray painted it gold. 

I went ahead and used rubons to get those numbers on there. 

And here we are... 

I spent time today filling each drawer with an activity.

This year we are trying to add things like fun facts and little treats so we don't have to do something big every day.  Some of our other activities include:  Christmas movie together, bake cookies, make popcorn balls, gingerbread races, tic tac toe tournament, read a story, doughnuts and hot chocolate, foam gingerbread houses, real gingerbread house, breakfast with Santa... to name a few.

The other advent we traditionally do is this one.

We read our scriptures and pray together at night.  In December we stop reading wherever we are and do this Scripture Advent.

Here are the stars with the scriptures on them.

Christmas countdown, Christmas advent

It's the little things we do that make this time magical.

Yes, it takes effort, but love, appreciation and tradition are born from effort.