One Little Word - January - Purpose

Man, I am loving this already!

This project has made me think, write, think again, create, paste and complete some pages!

Yahoo!  It has been so great for me.

There are still some areas of life in which I will need some clarification as the year goes on, but I'm feeling great about my start!

I thought I was going to do 8.5 x 11, but as I started going decided 12x12 fits my needs.

Here is what my pages look like...  Opening page is my blog post found here.

I also stitched on a 5x7 print of the graphic I created.

Here it is open.

Here is the next layout.

Left side includes how this word is already part of my life, what I fear, what I want more and less of this year and what I'm most excited for.

Right side is the definition of my word, what I want to let go of, why I chose this word and a quote.

I went farther and broke apart major areas of my life that are important to me.  This was great for me.  Just doing this helped me identify things that can drop out of my life, already.  I wrote down some things I want to accomplish in each area as well as what the overall purpose of these things are in  my life.

I added text right to my images.  I like to have a visual to represent what my words mean, as well as words.

Here are the images, so you can see the journaling as well.