This week

An early birthday gift! It's not the best photo, but it is a GREAT necklace. Thanks my Lenni!

G took a spill down the steps earlier this week. Poor kid. He usually does great with them. I heard "the voice" telling me to watch him this one time. I didn't listen and he came tumbling down. Oweeee! He got a huge goiter on his head and a little blood vessel broke near his eye. After reading a book he calmed down and has been fine since!

Yesterday for playgroup we went to a fountain park. It was a little chilly when we arrived, but that didn't stop the Q! G had this magnetism for the mud, actually both of my kids did and I ended up quite muddy myself! Here is Q with her pal Tyler. She has been telling me regularly when she has to go potty. I can't wait to have her potty trained! She doesn't want to wear panties yet, but her diapers are staying pretty dry!

Last night I ran the Village Glen Moonlight Run. It was a 5k and it felt good! I got a good time... for me! I ran it in 26 minutes! I'm sure there are a few chuckles out there.... you call that good! Hey, anything under a 10 minute mile is good for me!!! I am happy with my time and felt strong through the race. Next race I'll shoot for 24 minutes! I did beat the chick just two people behind me! Wahoo! She is just someone I picked out, that was in front of me, to get in front of!

My cute hubby brought the kids and I saw them just before mile 2 and there at the end! Love feeling supported! They are the best!

My cute friend Nancy