Lift Me Up...

These are words I read today...

"To live greatly, we must develop the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and triumph with humility."

How do we do this?

"By gaining true perspective of who we are."

Who are you?  Do you know you are a child of God?  Does that give you perspective?

I know that I am, and it gives me peace, strength and power. 

That knowledge helps me overcome.  It keeps me humble.  It brings me back into focus when I've lost it a bit.  It fills my heart with joy and happiness.

That knowledge is everything to me. 


I came home from a shoot last week and the house was so quiet.

I grabbed my camera to investigate...

I saw a daddy reading to his boy who was a little sad

I snuck up the stairs and saw a big brother letting his little brother watch him play Pokemon... that doesn't always happen!

Little brother was in heaven!

I saw my cute little girl snuggled in the rocking chair, watching a show and eating sunflower seeds.  Her dad loves seeds.

I enjoyed the few minutes of our quiet house loving that I have such a great family. 

I am so blessed.